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Loire 2007.03.27 05:27 AM

[TJ] 2004.11.25 - Kyouiku (CD) [Album]
教育 (Kyouiku)

01. 林檎の唄 (Ringo no Uta)
02. 群青日和 (Gunjou Biyori)
03. 入水願い (Jusui Negai)
04. 遭難 (Sounan)
05. クロール (Crawl)
06. 現実に於て (Genjitsu ni Oite)
07. 現実を嗤う (Genjitsu o Warau)
08. サービス (Service)
09. 駅前 (Ekimae)
10. 御祭騒ぎ (Omatsurisawagi)
11. 母国情緒 (Bokoku Jousho)
12. 夢のあと (Yume no Ato)
Total Playtime: 42:10

Second-Press Availability: Amazon.co.jp, CD Japan, HMV Japan, YesAsia

Silverrime 2007.04.05 11:32 AM

I'm quite curious about this album. Most of the songs are pretty good to great. However, I hate how it was recorded. I would think that she would have had enough clout at this point to get some major backing, yet it sounds as if they had low end equipment.

Was there really major doubt as to how good the band would be and fare, and thus had low funds for the recording? Or was it an artistic whim, a la St.Anger?

Has Ringo or any of the band members ever commented on this?

ssasami 2007.04.05 01:53 PM

I thought the same thing about this album when I first got it. Actually, the only reason I bought it instead of just using the mp3's I dled was because I thought the mp3's were a bad rip or something. I'm guessing that that was the sound they wanted on the album, or i'm sure they would havedone it differently.

Loire 2007.04.05 02:30 PM

I think it was just their choice..maybe they wanted to sound like an indie band. Considering their contract with EMI I don't think they had a low budget (though most of their videos look quite cheap :p)

CatchFiveBats 2007.04.05 06:18 PM

I think it was said that this album was recorded over the course of 4 days, and that Ringo wanted a more 'raw' sound for it. Too bad it didn't really work...

It's still a great album, though.

ChickShhh 2007.04.09 09:26 PM

Hirama looks like 50 years old in the Gunjo PV.

badtzmaru 2007.04.12 10:33 PM

Well, I can't really tell that the recording is bad, so I don't mind the sound they were going for. :)

Also, it's been mentioned before, but I think the official romanization of track #3 is "Jusui Negai."


Originally Posted by ChickShhh (Post 1180)
Hirama looks like 50 years old in the Gunjo PV.

He looked old in the "Sounan" PV, too. PVs don't flatter him very much. :(

fluffiethesock 2007.04.13 07:23 PM

I don't quite understand what everyone means when they say that this album was recorded badly. There are parts of Adult that sound pretty bad too.

Example: Shuraba (adult ver.) -- near the end of the guitar solo jawn near the beginning, at around 1:10/1:11, if you listen closely with the sound turned up, you can hear a fuzzy sound a second before the drums come back in. I assume it's because they threw the drum track back in there and it wasn't recorded as well as the others (I know nothing about editing). Is this the kind of stuff that you say is wrong with Kyouiku?

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