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harry4567 2015.08.05 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by deadgrandma (Post 95762)

Shinra-Electric made this. Sunny 2/next album cover.


tsukigimehime 2015.08.06 07:02 AM

Listening to the new single in full (finally got mine!) and I mean, I liked both songs to begin with, but my appreciation for Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri in particular just grows and grows in a way I didn't expect! It may have to do with the wonderful PV, but I really admire this encapsulated world she and Kodama put together between their talents.

It makes me wonder if Kodama took her lyrics and wrote the story he envisioned for them, or if they were riffing off of each others' ideas and came up with a completed piece together? ^_^ I'd honestly love to see something directed by Kodama with music by Ringo, I'm sure it'd be incredible. It really serves as both a catchy ad tune and is suuuuper fun and danceable, but I think it definitely provides more depth for those who seek it.

I agree with the response to Kamisama, Hotokesama, too. Visually stunning. Her choice of dancers this time was also great. Ringo laughing as she fell from Tokyo Tower really cemented her Goddess vibe for me.

I totally forgot that these were CM songs! I don't know how common songs written on commission for commercials are (in Japan or anywhere else) but I'm glad to get two really enjoyable pieces of music out of it. :wub: Both will probably do great in karaoke, since in my experience male fans are embarrassed to sing if they go with girls, but having a male part lets them get involved in the song too ^.^

I guess my one criticism would be that I wish the wind down between the songs on the CD were a bit longer? But that's just a personal preference. :lol:

mrnarse 2015.08.06 05:49 PM


Ringo sent a message out to the fans via the official Nekoyanagi twitter account. It translates roughly to:

"Is everyone staying hydrated tonight? This is Ringo. On a (hot) night like tonight where it's hard to sleep, how about watching Kodama's 2 refreshing videos (Kamisama & Nagaku)? If you want to, by all means please watch."

deadgrandma 2015.08.06 06:53 PM

She looked pretty terrible this morning :-p

zeroryouko 2015.08.06 07:06 PM

What is *that* photo from?

ETA: I wonder if that's her real hairstyle.

deadgrandma 2015.08.06 07:11 PM

According to the guy who shared it to me, just some breakfast/wake up show. She was interviewed on it.

Another photo

tsukigimehime 2015.08.06 07:12 PM

Omg I didn't see that show because I was at work :(
She looks soooooo cute, glasses Ringo is always a good treat... I wonder what she talked about... :lol:

Edit: judging from the title at the top, she was talking about her impression of fireworks (season?) in japan :o

deadgrandma 2015.08.06 07:13 PM

I've already called it, next CM song will be for whoever made these glasses.

36 C huh, throw some of that this way, I'm freezing my ass off. Then again, Japan hot is humid AF.

tsukigimehime 2015.08.06 07:15 PM

As long as she models in the CM as well. Or maybe a honnou reprise where she punches someone wearing glasses in the face but the glasses don't break :P

deadgrandma 2015.08.06 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by tsukigimehime (Post 95773)
As long as she models in the CM as well. Or maybe a honnou reprise where she punches someone wearing glasses in the face but the glasses don't break :P

I'd forgive her for everything if this came true. Especially if she punched Uki.

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