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mrnarse 2015.01.27 07:24 PM

Somehow I doubt that a guy that's been dead for 6 or 7 years and is best known for soundtracks to things like sequels of Star Trek and Planet of the Apes is the composer of this new track.

kalmia 2015.01.28 02:51 AM

I guess this isn't new or anything, but her voice seems suuuper shaky in this song.

deadgrandma 2015.01.28 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by kalmia (Post 93333)
I guess this isn't new or anything, but her voice seems suuuper shaky in this song.

Goddamn I hadn't noticed it at all,

Now you pointed it out and I can't unhear!

I hate you kalmia! :-p

gekokujyo 2015.01.28 08:35 AM

^ Yea something about the key or something, isn't it? It doesn't really bother me that much because the arrangement is quite busy, but the vocal performance certainly brings to mind the Koko de kiss shite performance from Expo '10, and last year MS Super Live's fuckmetwiceover rendition of NIPPON. Lol.

deadgrandma 2015.01.28 04:37 PM

Alright, her vocals aren't that NIPPON bad :-p

But she is certainly warbling a bit here. More-so than usual from Ringo. Still, the song is quite strong without too many distractions compared to other recent tracks. Just feels like good ol' Shiina Ringo, even if in her heyday this would be a mere bside/song you'd skip on SS.

While not being perfect by any means, a 'song you'd skip on SS tier' track is a step in the right direction for sure :-p. I'm happy for the more simple sound and the fact it's feeling like its about to burst out of its shell, yet never quite does, has a bit of tension there that hasn't been felt in a new studio track by her for some while. I like it enough that I won't be cancelling my order.

It is undeniably 90s sounding, but I'm cool with that. I'm a 90s kid and I'm gonna get nostalgic about anything like this. I used to get a bit irked at the prospect of certain EMF users wanting her to go back to this MM/SS sound in the SG days (I thought that her change in direction at that time was pretty damn awesome); but now I'd kill for it if the alternative was what we got on SUNNY (watered down SG repeats). Weird how things change.

However, in all seriousness, I'd still rather her do something new new. Even the latter Jihen albums had more unique personality and sound. But I think her days of experimentation are gone.

FINALLY, I think Ringo's number 1 (realistic) most important priority right now is: FIRE WHOEVER IS MASTERING ALL THESE NEW RELEASES, GODDAMIT! They sound shite!

Inseu 2015.01.28 05:11 PM

The music feels very repetitive. It reminds me of the opening of Gamble (ZCS version) played over and over. Too safe.

deadgrandma 2015.01.28 05:17 PM

"It reminds me of the opening of Gamble (ZCS version) played over and over"

Sigh, if only...

Also, re your repetitive music complaint:

I like repetitive music

gekokujyo 2015.01.28 05:39 PM

I definitely get the 90s comment. It sounds a bit like 90s glam rock/metal. What I don't understand though is how someone can like this but dislike Jiyuu e michizure. They both occupy very similar territory for me - guitar-driven rock out pop songs.

As far as 'experimentation' (of sounds) is concerned I thought that was pretty much over when Jihen came into the picture tbh . . . That doesn't mean she doesn't still write and perform good (new) songs though.

kalmia 2015.01.28 08:13 PM

Are we listening to the same song? A song you'd skip off of Shousou Strip? More like a song you forgot was on Discovery.

gekokujyo 2015.01.28 11:28 PM

^that's still better than a song I wish wasn't on Discovery at all e.g. kaitei ni sukuu otoko, katsute wa otoko to onna

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