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anonlurker 2015.01.06 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by deadgrandma (Post 93044)
Who's buying? :-p

mrnarse 2015.01.07 10:32 AM

New Shiina single is official. Release date 2/25.


Title of the single is "至上の人生", shijou no jinsei. Translates to "supreme life" or "life of supremacy".

TYCT-30039 1,080円

2 tracks on the single, no official word yet on the second track.

It'll be used in the upcoming Shibasaki Kou Drama "○○妻", which premieres on the 14th of this month.


thespidereggs 2015.01.07 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by mrnarse (Post 93051)
Title of the single is "至上の人生", shijou no jinsei. Translates to "supreme life" or "life of supremacy".

So, 5-character title? That's new at least. I wonder how this'll sound from the title.

Hopefully the B-side is as quality as Sakasa ni Kazoete.

deadgrandma 2015.01.07 02:21 PM

On that shows website there's apparently a preview with the song playing in it. Haven't had chance to look yet, but I've read 2 people say "sounds like Jihen" already :-p


Content blocked in your country.

ESIT: Got round it. Wouldn't say it sounds like Jihen. Pretty much sounds like an old school SS-era Ringo rock ballad to me (written by Nu-Ringo of course). Could be good... approaching with optimistic caution.

mrnarse 2015.01.07 02:41 PM

None of the free Japanese proxy server addresses I can find online are working right now, so I can't tell if the song's in those preview videos or not.

^What'd you do to bypass the regional blocking?

deadgrandma 2015.01.07 02:53 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hola worked for me.

Fig 1. Shiina Ringo when she looked at her bank account this morning

Anyway, if anyone is having trouble with getting the show preview to work, attached a rip of the audio from the video (it's the best quality that the video goes up to :-/, delete if breaking rules):

Inseu 2015.01.07 08:02 PM

The preview sounds promising despite the Marilyn Monroe rip-off look on her face.

deadgrandma 2015.01.07 08:07 PM

You say that now, AFTER the time to complain about the Marilyn Monroe look window has long closed???

Inseu 2015.01.07 08:10 PM

Nothing wrong with complaining repeatedly when hair style is responsible for 50% of a woman's attractiveness. :p

anonlurker 2015.01.07 08:22 PM

Ringo hasn't looked like Ringo for a while.

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