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deadgrandma 2015.01.08 03:18 AM

Yep, that's the legit cover, no bullshit. On Kronekodow.


椎名林檎 2015ニューシングル


Inseu 2015.01.08 05:35 AM

What kind of a supreme life is that walking in cold weathers at night?...

Orenji 2015.01.08 01:38 PM

TeslaGuy 2015.01.08 02:07 PM

Thanks, Orenji!

deadgrandma 2015.01.08 02:19 PM

Hmm, adds perspective, but Ringos still looks fucking cheap. Coltrane's looks natural and thought out, the font on Ringo's looks like it's slapped on a random stock picture.

Also, the border is just tacky...

Good to know John Coltrane invented Impact font :-p

Anyway, I goddamn ordered. Alongside some other shit I missed though, so it's not so bad.

EDIT: Before we guessed what influences she had. With this and SUNNY (Marilyn Monroe) she pretty much just tells us outright. Is this what her new 'phase' is gonna be about? Who's next? Hope it's Elvis.

Full song comes out digitally on the 14th I read.

anonlurker 2015.01.08 02:59 PM

That is so generic. Looks just like some cheap Jazz FM compilation album using a bit of stock photography.

Still, anything is a step above Sunny's dire artwork.

deadgrandma 2015.01.08 03:12 PM

It kinda reminds me of when this one came out:

Except at least that had the peacock/was actually a nice photo.

deadgrandma 2015.01.08 03:35 PM

Theyve been showing previews of Ringo Expo 14 on TV in Japan this morning, hence, I assume Blu Ray will be announced soon enough. However, if the previews are to go on, I hope they fix the audio cause man, reverb overkill.

anonlurker 2015.01.08 03:35 PM

She could have elevated it slightly by being in the photo. Drunkenly stumbling home with broken wings after the Nippon shambles on the live show. That would have at least showed effort. Laziness like that makes me wonder if a similar attitude was taken with the music?


deadgrandma 2015.01.08 03:39 PM

If she wore wings on the cover *I'd* call Togawa rip-off haha.

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