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kuro_neko 2009.12.28 03:33 PM

top album of the year
okay so I want everyone to pick one album for top album of the year and say why.

mine is Florence + the Machine: Lungs

why? I had no idea who Florence was six months ago. When the album got released in the States this past fall they updated the iTunes page and the cover caught my eye on the iTunes store front page. I sampled some tracks and went to youtube and was just blown away by it. months go by and its still my most steadily listened to album. usually when an artist releases an album I listen to it for a few weeks around the release and then it just kind of fades into the background. I still seek this album out and the more I listen, the better it gets. Then add in all the kickass b-sides (I haven't heard an artist with as many worthy b-sides as Tori Amos) and the remixes (also amazing) and covers (Halo, You've Got the Love, Hospital Beds, it just gets better and better), and she is easily my top artist and top album of the year. If you haven't heard the album yet, you gotta check it out!

BanFan 2009.12.28 05:21 PM

Not as emotionally compelling as "Carol" or melodic as "The Smith Westerns", but it has flawless production and endless replay value.

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