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frecklegirl 2007.04.02 02:39 PM

[TJ] 2010.02.24 - Sports (CD) [Album]
スポーツ (Sports)

01. 生きる (Ikiru)
02. 電波通信 (Denpa Tsuushin)
03. シーズンサヨナラ (Season Sayonara)
04. 勝ち戦 (Kachi-ikusa)
05. FOUL
06. 雨天決行 (Utenkekkou)
07. 能動的三分間 (Noudouteki Sanpunkan)
08. 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
09. FAIR
10. 乗り気 (Noriki)
11. スイートスポット (Sweet Spot)
12. 閃光少女 (Senkou Shoujo)
13. 極まる(きまる) (Kimaru)
Total Playtime:

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crab0021 2010.02.09 05:31 PM

Well, nobody will be disappointed. The album is great. The opening and closing tracks will blow your minds, especially the vocal harmony opener on track 1, amazing! FAIR is prob my fave song, a relaxed, groovy tune not unlike Adult mixed with the better parts of Variety.

bromithia 2010.02.09 07:44 PM

Well, it's better than Variety in my book. I think the opening and ending tracks are the best parts.

fluffiethesock 2010.02.09 08:13 PM

Just for easy reference:


Originally Posted by kuro_neko (Post 66298)
01. ikiru words by ringo music by izawa
02. denpa tsuushin words by ringo music by izawa
03. season sayonara words and music by ukigumo
04. kachiikusa words and music by ringo
05. FOUL words and music by ukigumo
06. utenkekkou words by ringo music by izawa
07. noudoutekisanpunkan words and music by ringo
08. zettai zetsumei words by ringo music by ringo and izawa
09. FAIR words by Ringo and music by Ukigumo
10. noriki words by ringo and music by izawa
11. sweet spot words by ringo music by ringo and izawa
12. senkou shoujo words by ringo music by kameda
13. kimaru workd and music by ukigumo

kuro_neko 2010.02.09 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by fluffiethesock (Post 67360)
Just for easy reference:


lol, no, seriously, those are just from 2ch, there has been no official composition credits listed yet, we will probably have to wait for the physical album first.

Scribble R 2010.02.10 12:10 AM

Some of the songs are characteristic of the alleged composers so I believe it 100 per cent at this point...(Well, I can't understand lyrics)

Dunno what I think about the album, but highlights: Ikiru, Denpa Tsuushin, Zettai Zetsumei, Kimaru

gekokujyo 2010.02.10 03:37 AM

What a quintessential kayoukyoku album!

It's definitely a lot tighter than VARIETY, to anybody who is concerned. 'ikiru' is probably my favourite new track (are those the guys in the band harmonising?!). I am gonna confess that I have trouble recalling the rest of the songs even though I have the impression of them being really awesome ("Wow, this is really good!") when I'm listening to them. I'm gonna attribute this to the fact that I've had less than 10 hours of sleep across the last 3 days, so I've really been lingering on the edge of dreamland on the bus while I listened to this.

I know this sounds like a really cheap way of describing the album, but I do feel on many levels that this is a nice synthesis of their first 3 albums - it has the grittiness of Kyouiku, the restraint and precision of ADULT, and the whimsy of VARIETY.

Ringo~Bingo 2010.02.10 03:43 AM

The albums not that bad but it's not blowing me away. :( I thought "Ikiru" was intresting but found "Denpa Tsuushin" utterly dire. :P
"Zettai Zetsumei" is alright-ish, however I cannot stand "Sweet Spot" at all, something about it makes it unlistenable to me.

I wouldn't call the majority of it essential listening (it's kinda dull) but it's better than Variety so at least it's a step up.

Edit: I've listened to the album in full four times now then just deleted it from my hard drive. It's not for me. :(

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