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frecklegirl 2007.04.02 12:05 PM

[SR] 2003.12.17 - Electric Mole (DVD) [Concert Video]
Electric Mole

01. 幸福論~悦楽編~(一部) (Koufukuron ~Etsuraku Hen~ (ichibu))
02. 罪と罰 (Tsumi to Batsu)
03. 真夜中は純潔 (Mayonaka wa Junketsu)
04. ドッペルゲンガー (Doppelgänger)
05. おこのみで (Okonomi de)
06. 意識 (Ishiki)
07. すべりだい (Suberidai)
08. 黒いオルフェ (Kuroi Orufe)
09. 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)
10. 警告 (Keikoku)
delayed brain(一部) (ichibu)
11. とりこし苦労 (Torikoshi Kurou)
12. 港町十三番地 (Minatomachi Juusanbanchi)
13. ポルターガイスト (Poltergeist)
14. ギブス (Gips)
15. 迷彩 (Meisai)
16. 茎 (Kuki)
白い花の咲く頃(一部) (Shiroi Hana no Saku Koro (ichibu))
17. Mr. Wonderful
18. 正しい街 (Tadashii Machi)
19. おだいじに (Odaiji ni)
りんごのうた(一部) (Ringo no Uta (ichibu))
Total Playtime of Main Feature: 01:49:06
Performances Only: 01:25:14

Bonus Content:
おこのみで (Okonomi de) [Uninterrupted]
すべりだい (Suberidai) [Alternate Performance]

Limited Availability: Amazon.co.jp, CD Japan, HMV Japan, YesAsia
Retail Availability: Amazon.co.jp, CD Japan, HMV Japan, YesAsia

ChickShhh 2007.04.10 07:47 AM

Does anyone have the uninterrupted version of Okonomide? I mean the audio rip file. I would appreciate your help very much if... :cool:

Lena-chan 2007.04.10 08:57 AM

I would really really appreciate if anyone uploads the whole bonus content (and also okonomi de audio rip)
isn't a full dvd upload, so I guess isn't against the rules(at least the old ones)
so, please >_<

Glathannus 2007.04.10 06:13 PM

There ought to be a sticky thread in this board for rules, including but not limited to "Wow, it would be great if I had such and such download" posts being forbidden. And I mean no offense to you folks. I approve of your particular posts 100x more often than I dissapprove, which is more than I can say about a lot of other people. I just mean that I think it's counterproductive.

And don't take that personally. It's not as if I'm always productive either. It's just I don't ever want sharing files to be emphasized above sharing opinions and trivia, and so it makes me a bit angry when the first (and so far the only) two replies posted here are about files. Let me just stress that this is NOT a threat. It's not my job to judge people here. Like the Reputation system, I'm judging individual posts, not people, just as any end-user of this site should do. I already have too much work to do already, to be the boards police - that's somebody else's job. You don't have to be afraid of anything I say or feel, but it would be nice if you respected it. I'm also not saying "file sharing is bad" or that "it's so horrible of you to want that", I'm just saying if there's a place for requests/submissions of uploads, this particular board should NOT be it.

Be patient, and in the meantime get comfortable with the Reputation system (being a giver and worthy receiver), and I assure you, there's light at the end of the hall.

Lena-chan 2007.04.11 03:41 AM

sorry, I understand your point and agree with it
I also don't want here as a place that a lot of people come only for files
is just that it would easy my non-stop-search-on-Emule/soulseek-and others for these files
but I don't want to bother our (until now) perfectly peace and activity

Loire 2007.04.11 05:14 AM

There are lots of file sharing softwares, trackers, forums and lj-communities, so you may ask them for SR files. In addition, avoiding file sharing in this community makes it at least "safe" in some ways regarding copyright problems and such.

badtzmaru 2007.04.11 09:14 PM

So, the normal edition of this DVD doesn't include the intermissions and bonus content? :(

This is the next on my list of old Ringo releases I have yet to buy. :) (I know, I still haven't watched the so called great live that this forum was named after... T_T)

Glathannus 2007.04.11 09:35 PM

If you're talking about content on the disc itself, the regular and the limited editions are the exact same. It's just I'm the only person anal enough to list out that extra info.

I almost wish I had a regular edition just so I wouldn't have to worry about how I treat my signed limited copy, because it's a soft-white cover and not a smooth surface, so if you get it dirty it's next to impossible to clean.

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