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justriiingo 2008.06.29 07:43 PM

World Cup / Football / Soccer Discussion Thread
Germany lost :(

wilson 2008.06.30 12:15 AM


Germany lost :(
so good! Viva Espa├▒a!! Torres is great :)

NCORE 2008.06.30 03:40 AM

Damn right, Torres! Germany did not deserve to win this championship anyway.
The defender and goalkeeper of Germany were to blame for the goal though, Torres was amazing though.

Also Schweinsteiger┬┤s move to check if Torres was actually injured.... incredibly awesome XD

golem09 2008.06.30 05:24 AM

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Originally Posted by justriiingo (Post 30687)
Germany lost :(

__________| Who Cares? |
__________. . |/
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Haha, I think I'm the only guy in germany that didn't knew the result until one hour after the game finished.

justriiingo 2008.06.30 05:24 AM

I agree Spain played well last night. They were super aggressive! Loved that they kept shooting for the goal, and they were on target most of the time. Torres' goal was beautiful, stupid german goalkey who ran out.

The germans changed strategy in the second half and played defence... bad choice.

Sigh, and that was the only match I managed to watch in the whole of Euro 08. Gotta wait 2 more years for World Cup '10.

NCORE 2010.06.07 10:12 AM

World Cup Feverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

go Oranje!

clakaz 2010.06.11 08:15 AM

World Cup log:

South Africa 1 x 1 Mexico

Too bad. I was cheering for the Bafanas.

SakeIt2Me 2010.06.11 11:34 AM

Zidane broke my heart. No enjoyable football for me anymore.

Maou 2010.06.11 12:12 PM

Zidane made my year. This year I'll be cheering for the usual USA and Italy and also Argentina because Maradona entertains me. I'll be happy as long as France gets embarrassed.

mizer_unmei 2010.06.12 05:08 AM

On the walk home there's a bunch of restaurants just one after another. And in all the restaurants have the world cup on the TV and EVERYONE is glued to it. And if the place doesn't have a TV, it doesn't have any people in it -- a complete wasteland.

And omgoodness, this one bar thing brought like 20 other plastic tables to serve people outside (even though it's really wet from being crazy rainy today) and they even put up a TV for them all in front. (covered in plastic, of course.) And when korea made the first goal, the whole street just went INSANE. AND there's a really big gathering in the middle of Seoul of people just cheering on Korea. Seriously, I don't really care much for soccer, but this excitement is contagious. Go go Korea~!

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