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Inseu 2018.05.16 01:33 PM

Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth

Inseu 2018.05.22 04:17 PM

Inseu 2018.05.23 06:12 PM

Inseu 2018.05.27 03:38 PM

Inseu 2018.05.28 03:27 PM

zordon 2018.05.29 12:51 PM

chestnutflowers 2018.05.29 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by zordon (Post 98795)


Inseu 2018.05.29 02:18 PM

Arthur Brown - Fire

Lena-chan 2018.05.30 02:51 AM


Originally Posted by chestnutflowers (Post 98796)

this is so good :waa:

NCORE 2018.05.31 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by Lena-chan (Post 98798)
this is so good :waa:

It sure is... I've lost track of Nika somewhere along the line, because overall her releases and songs would feel a bit dull to me, even though I think she's absolutely amazing.

I wish she would be able to make something as great as her 2006 album. And if she has, please tell me what to get from her because 'Nikaido Kazumi no album' closes with 'Hinatazuki'. One of my favourite songs of anyone...

Here's a remix of it as I can't seem to find the album track:

It's still beautiful like this :)

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