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Inseu 2018.06.19 01:41 PM

Anyone else tired of overplayed songs used in movies?
They used to GNR's Welcome To The Jungle in Jumanji 2: Welcome To The Jungle, ACDC's Back In Black in Death Wish remake, and mostly recently Nirvana's version of Lake of Fire in Tag, and Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking in Ocean's 8.

Whenever I hear overplayed songs used in movies, I just get a bad feeling in the stomach. Just lazy writing IMO. Or these film makers have really generic taste...

zeroryouko 2018.06.19 05:14 PM

Let's not forget All Along The Watchtower, the Official Song of the Vietnam War.

Osiris12345 2018.06.21 05:20 PM

Songs that should be banned from ever appearing in another movie again:

1. "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf
2. "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood & The Destroyers
3. "Back in Black" by AC/DC
4. "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees
5. "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff
6. "Low Rider" by War
7. "Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel
8. "Theme from 'Jaws'" by John Williams
9. "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett
10. "Fortunate Son" by Creedance Clearwater Revival

deadgrandma 2018.06.21 06:59 PM

Whatever is on the Suicide Squad soundtrack

Or that Kong movie from last year

NCORE 2018.06.22 01:19 AM

anything by Queen in commercials

kalmia 2018.07.05 09:05 PM

What ever happened to non-musical films having a completely original score?

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