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Tokyo Jihad 2009.09.26 09:10 AM

How to make the Ignore List not completely useless (Firefox only?)
The majority of EMFers probably don't need to worry about this as they probably don't use the Ignore feature. But those of us that have know that


For those that don't know, you add someone to your ignore list, then whenever that person posts, rather than actually ignoring them, you get a cheerful message reminder that basically says "Hey So-and-so says lots of stupid stuff all the time, in face he's said something here! Click here to see!" and lets face it, if you have the willpower not to click and read then you probably had the willpower to ignore them without using the ignore list to begin with.

So what do you do if you're not superman and can't help but click through? What if you wanted the ignore list to actually ignore someone completely? If you use Firefox*, you're in luck! There's a Greasemonkey script that will (finally) do just that.
(*I've heard you can make Greasemonkey scripts work in other browsers, but I'm not familiar enough)

Step 1: Install the Greasemonkey plug in for Firefox. (This can be useful for lots of other web browsing purposes as well.)

Step 2: Install the Vbulletin - Custom Ignore List script.

Step 3: Right click the Greasemonkey icon in the botom right of the browser, choose Manage Userscripts. Click the vbulletin custom ignore list script again, then click the Edit button below. (Instruct the browser to open the script in Notepad or Wordpad or other text editor if you need to.) Now we're going to actually block people. You'll see "blockedUsers[0] = "JolietJake";" Change "JolietJake" to the name of the user on your ignore list you want to block. Continue on down the list if necessary.

Step 4: Success!

This script will hide any posts made by the user (with no message.) If they are quoted, their quoted message will also not appear. So apart from seeing the person's name when they bump a thread, you won't have to deal with me... I mean, them... anymore! Sweet Deal!

justriiingo 2009.09.26 11:47 PM

dude. why would you even click on the "view message" thing... seriously...

fluffiethesock 2009.09.27 06:23 AM

Ohh Jihad, at least you acknowledged that most of us have no desire to ignore anyone...

Tokyo Jihad 2009.09.27 08:57 AM

:rolleyes: this isn't the "Judge Jihad" Thread, guys. This is why this place is getting so annoying.

fluffiethesock 2009.09.27 07:53 PM

Alls I'm saying is, I don't think most of us have any interest in ignoring you. So that's like, judging you positively. Or wait, did I misinterpret that remark? :B

frecklegirl 2009.09.28 05:16 PM

I've only ever ignored Shinji here (who is still on my list) but yeah that was a big pain back when he was posting a lot, to have to see "oh hey he said something, people are responding to it, UGH I now have to fight myself over whether I should just see what it was." So this is helpful!

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