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baboo 2009.10.12 08:22 PM

how to retrieve content from previous forum (before april 2007)
My hard disk just crashed and I lost all my pictures one of which is the one I took with TSPO at their last concert in my place.

I remember that I posted the picture in forum before it was renovated, sometimes during March 2007.

Is there anyway to retrieve the content or everything has gone totally???

Glathannus 2009.10.12 08:34 PM

I'll see what I can do.
If I can't help you, no one can.

baboo 2009.10.12 08:38 PM

I was thinking of the same thing too...Meant to send you private message but somehow I couldn't click a thing there when logging in using my school's computer....

Please help...And thank you anyway.

Glathannus 2009.10.12 08:41 PM

3 Attachment(s)
You uploaded the images to ImageShack, and some of them have already expired.
Here's what is still left:
Attachment 4408
Attachment 4409
Attachment 4410

I'm sorry to say that three other images are gone. :(

baboo 2009.10.12 08:51 PM

hey. That's the pic that I want. Thanks a lot.

Glathannus 2009.10.12 08:57 PM

Consider yourself lucky. The image you wanted the most, could have been one of the three which expired.

This is why we have Attachments now - so we don't lose important stuff like this, ever again (imagine how much more could have been lost if we didn't get out of Ringo Jihen as early as we did).

Obviously Attachments weren't a feature that was available at the time for you to take advantage of yet, so it's not like you made a "big mistake" or anything - but in the future you might want to get comfortable with the Attach feature, where images are hosted by EMF for forever, instead of hosted by a third party who deletes the images months or years later if you aren't actively paying into their system. EMF Attachments have never expired, and they've never been for paying members only.

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