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Glathannus 2011.06.21 11:09 AM

Viewing Who's Online
Sometimes it looks like another user is on the verge of starting a new topic or replying to an existing one. Sometimes it's a reply to a neglected topic which is relevant to your nichey interests, and you're actually intrigued to see another perspective on something you take very seriously. But then that post never comes.

Has anybody had any positive experiences with Viewing Who's Online? Or is it mostly indifference, with occasional disappointment?

mr. Pillow 2011.06.21 11:27 AM

I'm quite used to do that, especially when I'm private messaging, to see whether the user I'm "chatting" with is getting back at me or not. If I see he/she's not messaging anymore, I simply realize there's no further interest in that particular conversation, but that's pretty much it.

Tokyo Jihad 2011.06.21 11:51 AM

Whos Online is how I use these forums!

I see Maou is on, so I immediately have to see what he is reading in the hopes of getting primed for a Maou-post.
80% of the time, he too is looking at Who's Online :(

justriiingo 2011.06.21 07:23 PM


Maou 2011.06.22 08:01 AM


Originally Posted by Glathannus (Post 75781)
Sometimes it looks like another user is on the verge of starting a new topic or replying to an existing one. But then that post never comes.

Glathannus and ShadyNook are the most guilty of this. I leave this forum up in a window most of the day and check the Who's Online to see if anybody is making any replies from time to time. You two leave me hanging more than anybody.

Glathannus 2011.06.22 01:24 PM

I periodically have to restart Firefox when its RAM usage is high. It's not that I actually need to "free up" any RAM (when I have 16 GB) - it's that Firefox becomes too unstable if I leave the same session open for too long, with too many windows and/or tabs. It usually needs to be restarted around the 1 GB mark.

So sometimes I'm preparing a new EMF post, and I find myself having to restart Firefox before the post is ready. If I have to kill Firefox, sometimes these previewed posts are lost. If this really happened a lot, I'd be preparing all my big posts in Wordpad before trying to submit them - but I think it's only happened with 4 posts ever (and they were seriously big).

I would use another web browser, but Internet Explorer should be avoided for obvious reasons, and other browsers (including Chrome) don't integrate with Roboform as comprehensively as I would like.

Andikki 2011.06.23 01:50 PM

You might check out the Lazarus plugin: http://lazarus.interclue.com/. It saves forms for you. Though it might cause some slow-down for Firefox. But I still install it on every copy of Firefox I use, because it's worth the nerves saved.

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