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zeroryouko 2015.08.20 09:41 AM

Proposal: Oomori Seiko Subforum
Although EMF is dedicated to Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen, it seems that EMF is the place to be for fans of Oomori Seiko as well (at least in the English-speaking world). In recognition of this, I would like to propose that our fearless leaders create a subforum specifically for discussion of Oomori Seiko.

My reasoning is as follows:
  • The existing Oomori threads generate a significant number of new posts.
  • Users are joining primarily to discuss Oomori.
  • A lot of Ringo fans are also Oomori fans.
  • The discussion of Oomori on EMF has, IMO, gone into far more depth than the usual "incidental" talk about unrelated artists.
  • The trends above seem only to be on the increase.
What does everyone think?

tsukigimehime 2015.08.20 04:58 PM

I don't consider myself an Oomori fan (though I don't mind jumping in on discussions of musicians I know of), and I'm not a long-time member nor can I ensure how long I'll even be active on this site or anything, but it feels... Weird? To inaugurate a subforum for an artist unrelated to Ringo&Jihen when the goal of "Electric Mole Forums" is to provide a place to discuss those artists. (Maybe I'm misunderstanding "subforum," but they're those main topics under the big headers???)

That's just my impression on it, though I guess it ultimately comes down to what the people keeping up this site decide they feel like doing, since it's their time and their money (and actual discussion seems to occur randomly and not necessarily with frequency :hmph: )

Nimh 2015.08.20 05:12 PM

I'm just one vote among a few, but I support the idea in general, with one concern, and it's this:

"Users are joining primarily to discuss Oomori."

It would be great to have some clarification on that. When you say "joining" do you mean "participating," like "joining in the discussion"? Or do you mean "new users signing up"?

Also, when you say "primarily," do you mean that new users are interested in BOTH Oomori and Shiina, but primarily want to DISCUSS Oomori? Or do you mean those users have a PRIMARY interest in Oomori but have LITTLE (or maybe no) interest in Shiina?

This point is very interesting:
"A lot of Ringo fans are also Oomori fans."

Knowing more about that will help us all understand the purpose of a subforum dedicated to Oomori. Basically, what is the relationship between Oomori and Shiina? Would you say those two artists have the largest number of crossover fans? Is their music of such similar quality that you can't talk about one without talking about the other? I know they are not "associated" artists, but do they have vital connections nevertheless?

This is all to look ahead at the desired result of an Oomori subforum. Does Oomori, in a major way, enhance our understanding of Shiina? And in turn, does Shiina enhance our understanding of Oomori?

I know this may all sound academic and dull, but since this would be the first-ever subforum dedicated to someone not associated with Shiina, I think they are fair questions.

So let's hear from others. For those interested in Oomori, imagine an Oomori subforum with a sticky thread at the top titled "Why an Oomori subforum?" What would be your post in response?

zeroryouko 2015.08.20 06:04 PM

For the record, I will say that I am here first and foremost as a Shiina Ringo fan. Seeing this post is what set me to thinking.

All of those seem like excellent questions. I'll have to give them some serious thought. I am also really curious to hear what other people think.

gekokujyo 2015.08.20 10:18 PM

not against it though i wont be spending a lot of time there

zordon 2015.08.21 05:29 AM

I'm probably one of the very few if not the only person here who completely doesn't get the Oomori-mania some fellow forum members here seem to have. Nor do I feel my vote in that matter has any importance.
Having said that, I wouldn't mind the subforum, but then again is there a point? I consider EM quite a chill place, not that strictly organized. For the most part people write what they want wherever they want. There aren't that many frequently posting folks either.

K__ 2015.08.21 08:29 AM

Nah, I've got your back, Zordon. I don't get the hype at all. Saying that, if any contemporary artist is thematically and artistically in common with Ringo, and if any artist has as big a following on this forum, it's Seiko.

I think you should give the subforum a trial run, see if it gets any activity, and if it doesn't, merge it back into the Off Topic (Music) board.

deadgrandma 2015.08.21 07:23 PM

Yeah I'm really not sure what to think.

Sure, other than Ringo News 15, the Oomori thread is no doubt the second most active (I'm pretty sure I'm one of the most active, if not the most active poster on EMF currently, on any thread), but then again, like the Ringo News 15 thread, it's really just a few of us- EMF right now is a shadow of what it used to be like- is it enough to justify a sub forum?

I DO like however, that this site is STILL the number 1 spot to talk about either artist right now in English. I certainly don't see any other more dedicated place for Ringo (despite our rather unsavoury reputation with crybabies who can't take criticism elsewhere- I saw a FB page and damn noone has anything bad to say about anything on it), and certainly not for Oomori, unless you count the JPS thread which I don't think really counts seeing as it's a private tracker.

Still, really up to the higher ups. I'm cool with a subforum of course, but again, are there enough people seriously?

Nimh 2015.08.21 10:54 PM

Since there are some general notes about the site here as well, I'll throw another question out there: is there a thread from the past that you think represents EMF at its BEST?

Obviously Ringo News 2015 is the current #1 (and the fact that there is such a general thread indicates a rather limited number of participants), but what kinds of threads would you like to see more of, that had the sort of activity you want to see more of on the site?

frecklegirl 2015.08.23 12:29 AM

I don't see why a thread in the Related Artists subforum isn't sufficient...

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