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Tokyo Jihad 2007.05.30 07:40 PM

Moar smilieys preeze.
I think we need some killa' new smileys. So ITT we suggest smileys the powers that be can deliberate on adding.

:kermit: i know its probly "big" for a smiley, but think of the versatility! Are you even thinking of the versatility?
:c'mere: my fav.

Well thats all i got for now.

Jer 2007.05.30 07:59 PM



badtzmaru 2007.05.30 08:10 PM

@_@ I see wakkawakka!! :wakka: Thank you, admins!!!! :wub:

What about these?? (I stole them from Jpopmusic.com :ph43r: Is that allowed?)

(for Pariscombo)
(I don't know when to use this, but it's so happy and cute!! XD)

Tokyo Jihad 2007.05.30 08:14 PM

Yaaay, I'm dancing!

edit: :hmph::hmph::hmph: and even:c'mere::c'mere:!!!:wub:
Best birthday present, definitely!

justriiingo 2007.05.30 08:23 PM

I hate smilies. :)

ChickShhh 2007.05.30 08:26 PM


badtzmaru 2007.05.30 08:34 PM

Those are sooo cute, Chickshhh!!!! *_* You don't agree, JR? XD

justriiingo 2007.05.30 08:35 PM

ChickShhh, I think one of those things used to be Canto's avatar.

Badztmaru, I forsee an overuse of smilies, and I don't like it if this place is littered with wiggly stuff like some people's MSN chats.

ChickShhh 2007.05.30 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by justriiingo (Post 6987)
wiggly stuff like some people's MSN chats.

Yes his name is 'Onion-head' :)


Jonny 2007.05.31 02:41 AM

That's why we use MSN chats!111
I collected millions of those. Then I reformated and reinstalled Windows the other day and away they went. So now I have to build it up again. :-(

* It builds the universal language. When 80% of the words you type get changed to various smilies, animations and whatever. It gets the message through.

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