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I like any idea that coaxes people out of their shells, but such ideas should make use of the mostly-untapped resources we already have. There are a lot of Product board threads which don't get much attention - especially for old singles.

Perhaps we should rotate through stickying different threads in the Product Board.

For example, this community has gone for years without talking about the Koko de Kiss Shite. single. So we make that into the stickied single of the week.

Currently there are 26 singles which relate to Shiina Ringo in one way or another. Then there's 13 albums which aren't Shiina Ringo or Tokyo Jihen albums, but they include unique or never-before-heard contributions from SR or TJ. When you talk about that whole collection at a rate of one week per release, it's all going to fill up 75% of the year. The other 25% of the year could be for the album-only songs - preferably ones that people have changed their opinions about over time (as indicated in polls), where maybe they already reviewed the song a year ago, but if they reviewed it again today, it wouldn't be the same review.
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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