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deadgrandma knows what you did last summerdeadgrandma knows what you did last summer

Kinoko is generally hated by their old fans iirc, at least since that cat album

An example of one of the reactions to that album from one of their hard-cores:

"Iv'e waited.. I've tried, I've really tried... No. 

It fails on everything I never expected them to do. 

It genuinely brings tears to my eyes. I cried today about what has happened to them... Such a waste. 

I thought I could deal with it, but I cant defend them anymore.

Saying those words almost brings me to tears again, like I've left my child at the playground never to return. Its a hard pill to swallow; admitting your favorite creators of artistic audio has just let you down and played to the stereotype. (Roll on tears)

I don't blame them though.. None of their work before indicated it, and as anyone with even google translate can tell, the lyrical magic is still there. But that passion, that feeling and the genuine emotion in their music has gone... (More tears)

I miss them, but I wish them the best of luck in the direction they are being pushed to.. They really deserve to have everything they ever wanted... If only for their past albums, this is a band that, metaphorically and literally changed my life and I suspect many others.

I will forever buy their CD's, attend their concerts, but I will always know how good they were, and it's always going to hurt. "

Personally the group does noting for me after they dropped the shoegaze but w/e, there was never any deep investment there either. I do like the vocalists mini album a bit though.
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