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Originally Posted by Yahiko View Post
I tend to have discographies I don't really like.. well, I like some songs, but the others are most like for making fun .. Utada is one of those for me, Mikio is the other.. and Nao Matsuzaki is in this list also, hm

I don't like the complete discography for any artist. People regard Shouso Strip to be the greatest of Shiina's solo stuff and I still don't really care for the album. I don't like majority of Utada's Distance and First Love albums, but I don't feel any less of a fan of either.

But I do own a most of AI, Gackt and BoA that I don't listen to often anymore. If I'm in the mood for it I will but hardly happens. I did at one point own all of the Beat Crusaders stuff. Terrible band I feel. Another Day Another Story is the only song I like.
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