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GIGAcorrupt pleased at least somebody

To what Canti said a page ago >.>

Yeah, I'm a native from Unet ^^ And since I was introduced to Shiina by it's not really as if I found shiina because of Hikaru...I just happened to get involved in a conversation that was going around...I guess XD

And I've never listened to an artist with a "perfect" discography. To me before there were any other artist...there was Hikaru. Sure there might be songs that don't "rub" me the right way, but doesn't this happen with everyone? Take some of you for example...I've read that some of you don't like O.S.C.A, but I love that song, as it was the first SR/TJ song I listened to ^^

As for Hikaru's attitude. I really don't see anything wrong with her...I for one like how she sometimes expresses herself harshly XD everyone has their "quirks." But to each their own, right?

And I also believe that Hikaru is very talented or "gifted" ^^ To me she doesn't sound like the "regular" J-poper, she's more than that. Because if she weren't, well, I would have most likely never bothered becoming a fan of hers or going out of my way to drive for 6 hours non-stop to see her in Vegas

I'm also not going to say that I became a fan of Ringo because I thought she was more than Hikaru, more like; I became a fan, because like Hikaru...Shiina possesed something more than the average muscician ^^ I didn't find out that Hikaru and Shiina had collaborated in a song untill I found out in Utaite Myouri. At first, Hikaru's voice sounded way more powerfull to me and at first I felt that Shiina didn't compare much. But I can't really say one is better than the other now, it'b be just wrong to do so. Because both ladies have such DIFFERENT styles and that's what I really love about them both XD

All in all...even though I've become a fan of Shiina and her TJ work...I will always have a special place for Hikaru
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