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Originally Posted by matan-san View Post
I think this picture is the best representation of Ringo now. it combines the edginess and risqueness of young Ringo with the more feminine and sexy side of nu-Ringo into one picture. if this picture was shot in 2006 it could've been the perfect cover art for Adult, but I'm not sure Adult-era Ringo would've made such picture.

she does seem to put a little bit of weight (which is a good thing), probably as a result of the pregnancy
Yes, yes, and yes. I love this new picture, but I do feel like it's taken somewhat out of context perhaps. I mean, what's the story? Why the eye patch? I mean, it could just be Ringo being zany again (paint splattered rave shirt with broken day-glo necklaces and "Mayonaka" French hat), but intuition tells me there's more going on here. Maybe this is related to some other photo-shoot for a magazine or relates to one of the unheard songs.
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