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ShinjiPG raises the standards of what a community can offer

To the first quote: Yeah, it's awesome when whatever we say is the last word because we are right and only our opinion matters to us. I wonder why it should matter to other people tho. Maybe a private personal blog, which only the author reads, is what that guy was talking about.

To the second quote: EFFING HILARIOUS! =D
That's the kind of embarassing fanboyish comments I'm glad don't make part of this community.

Other than that, I pretty much agree with what you said Glath. This is actually the only forums I participate in actively, because I like the kind of people who hang around here. Only thing that "effing" pisses me off is when the usual argument about Variety Haters vs Variety Lovers come around. And when people say there are member wars in every single thread.
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