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Originally Posted by Inaudible-Whisper View Post
One of my house mates calls me Whispermon now lol. This thread has made me listen to Hail to the Thief actually. I've decided one day when it's raining, I want to blast Sit Down, Stand Up and then when it kicks in and "The Rain Drops!" repeats 47 times I want to run into the street and dance around shouting the lyrics like a made caveman might dance around a fire with a stick. Radiohead has that type of influence on me . I love the way Thom dances on stage... it might not look cool, or make much sense but you can tell he is just letting the music take control and flowing with it.

Hahaha, that's awesome. Your mission: Get everyone you know to call you Whispermon.. And then a couple months after it's caught on, add the condition that every time they call you that, they have to give you five dollars.

But chyeah, Hail to the Thief is kind of hard to get into at first, like some of their other albums, but it's cool that you started listening to it again.

Now, the rain dance idea is a swell one. I might actually do that too if I get the chance, though my mom would get mad if I blasted music that loud. She can't stand Radiohead because of their awesomeness.

And Thom certainly does look cool when he dances!

Originally Posted by vayerism View Post
yea all your choice is almost the same, expecially there there, go to sleep, we suck young blood, I will.

Dark Side of the Moon is the most important album in the century, i watched Roger Waters playing the whole album in the concert at Hong Kong, until now it's the best concert in my life, strongly recommend you to buy a dvd which played by him or nowaday PINK FLOYD.
Alrighty, I'll give that a try. Thanks for the recommendation, vayer! By the way, I like the new avatar
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