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EmilScherbe knows what you did last summerEmilScherbe knows what you did last summer

I mostly plays ripped CDs (now ALAC format) in HDD.

my tiny SOHO apartment

room 1 : Dining / Living room
37" TV, CATV stb, 2ch amp, omni speker, subwoofer,
main PC & 21" display & HDDs

room 2 : Bed room / Home theater
100"screen, projector, AV amp, BD player, 7.1ch speakers, keyboard, mouse
several cables is connected to room 1 (2 usb, 2 HDMI, Ethenet, RCA/Coaxial, D-Sub)

room 3 : Work room
2ch vacuum tube amp, bamboo speaker, subwoofer,
business PC, replaced old business PC (now XP/Xubuntu dual boot though almost abandoned )

unposted draft for Hi Izuru Tokoro thread

Originally Posted by deadgrandma View Post
So has ANYONE heard the 96/24 version yet?

Keen to know if it's in any way an easier listen...
I bought it from e-onkyo.

played it as follows:

1.foobar2000 - usb - dac(16bit)/DDC - analog - 2ch amp - omni speakers
2.usb memory - AV amp - 7.1ch speakers (DSPed)
3.foobar2000 as dlna server - LAN - AV amp as dlna client - 7.1ch
4.foobar2000 - usb - dac(16bit)/DDC - digital(coaxial) - AV amp - 7.1ch
5.foobar2000 as dlna server - LAN - (other PC)Windows Media Player as dlna client - usb - dac(16bit)/DDC - analog - 2ch vacuum tube amp - bamboo speakers

I decided to abandon 16bit usb dac

6.foobar2000 - Realtek (on board) - analog - 2ch amp - omni speakers
7.foobar2000 - Radeon graphic board - digital(HDMI) - AV amp - 7.1ch

I bought two external USB DAC last September,
because didn't want to hear analog output from Realtek,
but my choice was too mean.
(just needed 1 or 2 more Natsume Souseki Noguchi Hideyo to obtain 24/96 DAC ability)

currently I need to call control panel to switch 6 and 7

sounds? I feel nothing special.


WASAPI output support component was installed to foobar2000 yesterday.
It was something should be done first.

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