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Anyway, I just listened to the second song in full. And I gotta say, I reckon I like it even more than the first. Like the first track, easily would make something for James Bond- a great little "spy" ditty.

The chorus is the best part- where we get to hear Sayuri and Ringo harmonising together- I don't believe Ringo has ever had such great company. These two voices match each other wonderfully.

Unlike the first, it doesn't hit as strong on the first listen. However- the instrumentation is far more intricate and the structure of the song is far more satisfying- at least to me. Good stuff. I can't wait to see the PV for this one on the Version C DVD- I have fingers crossed that Ringo will make an appearance along Sayuri, now that I know her voice is so audible in the chorus. We will see.

For now, another totally enjoyable track. I'd gladly take more of this collab in the future.
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