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People mature, people break habits (or try to), however you guys make it seem going from Charlie Manson to Mother Teresa is in the realm of possibility. People may even radically change a kind of temperament given a huge life changing experience, but they don't become different people. They don't change their insides unless they weren't projecting their guts to begin with.

If birthing a child a life changing experience? Yes. Going from MM to EM/DO Shiina, certainly. However, such a...delayed change? Writing off the very stuff that got her the ability to make a song like Kono yo ni and not have it laughed out of the exec office? If that Shiina what made MM was in fact "real," she would not have disowned her other works, pretend it wasn't really her that made it. She seemed to have some conviction.

EDIT: Just to see if I can draw him to the thread, Maou's take on the single was the funniest "review" I've heard yet, but I won't steal his thunder
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