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Ahah, according to translations, they are pretty different =P
I don't know which ones I prefer tho. The japanese lyrics are usually either too cheerful or too romantic. In the english albums, she goes all crazy. They don't bother me either way, since I'm not a native-english speaker so the lyrics mostly go unnoticed while I'm listening to the songs. I'm more about voice and rythm/melody (the essence of R'n'B I guess).

I agree with Maou on those tracks, they're probably the best part of Distance (altough I can't skip any track of it).

Btw, it seems the new album is getting very mixed reviews. Some people totally hate it, some just don't like at first, and then there's people loving every bit of it (not too many). I guess that's bound to happen with any Utada album anyway.

Originally Posted by Maou View Post
Her reference to Romeo and Juliet in Drama (Japanese) is almost as nonsensical as her reference to Edgar Allen Poe in Kremlin Dusk (English).
Utada shares her birthday with Edgar Allan Poe and cites him as one of her most important influences in terms of lyrics. Every fan aknowledges that part in Kremlin Dusk, so it doesn't seem out of place at all.
However, that's the main problem with her lyrics (at least the english ones), because she fills them with references that only fans "understand", because they relate to everyday stuff that she writes in her blog. People are not supposed to read every single post of an artist's blog to understand that artist... Utada just needs to figure that, maybe.

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