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Originally Posted by kuro_neko View Post
it actually at times reminds me of "touch my body" by mariah carey, the way the lyrics go and the way certain parts don't make much sense except to fit in the total overal rhythm of the song.
Bravo neko! You're almost there!
Now do this:
1 - Go read TLC, Aaliyah, r'n'b and rap lyrics.
2 - Compare to Utada's.
3 - ???

Sorry for being so obnoxius, but seriously, it took you a long time to understand that Ringo and Utada are from completely different worlds.

Also, check out this Reuters news clip. They say she's a "Columbia drop-out" and that's pretty much the only moment they hint at Columbia. I don't think they make it look like a big part of her life.

I think that if the West takes Kate Perry seriously, while she's kissing girls and liking it, Utada can succeed too.
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