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Originally Posted by merman View Post
But calling This Is The One an "experimental" album is a bit too much.
Originally Posted by ShinjiPG View Post
I'd say it's as experimental as Exodus, just not as complex or personal/honest.
I'm not saying it's an experimental album, because I don't really know where a "experimental album" starts to differ from a "normal album", hence I don't know what a "experimental album" is. Common sense calls Medulla an experimental album, but I don't know if Utada didn't "experiment" much more with Ultra Blue than Björk with her album. Madonna might have made a lot of experiments with Hard Candy, as well.
Experimental is a tag as good as indie.

What I said was that TITO was as experimental as Exodus is, in the sense that both are pop/r'n'b/electronicish and yet they try to cross some pre-established mainstream boundaries. Apart from that, TITO is the second most singular album in her entire career (japanese or american), so maybe it involved even more experimenting than what we might think. That's not to say it's a "difficult-to-listen-to" album, since the objective of the experiment may be for it to have a "mainstream sound".
"As experimental as" doesn't point to a level of "experimental", it just says that both share the same level.
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