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Originally Posted by lazer85 View Post
If I heard an old ringo song on a MIDI file without knowing it, I might be able to guess it was ringo from the melody and now I could not. Is that a bad thing or a good thing I dont know? It could mean shes too diverse now or it could mean shes lost something....probably a bit of both.
SR at 30 isn't anymore diverse than SR at 18.
Look at her early tracks and demos, she had samba (shampoo demo), bossa nova (aozora), punk rock (aozora gekokujyo live, identity), R&B (marusadi, in the same way early Utada tracks were R&B ), jazz (sakana), string quartet (yami ni furu ame), dance hall (yokushitsu), big band (mayonaka wa jyunketsu)....
And it all sounds uniquely Ringo.

Try listing that many influences from her work in the recent 5 years.

So my answer to your (rhetorical) question, She's lost it. (just about when adult was released.)
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