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Originally Posted by NIMH Rat View Post
Anything less than a 4-minute banshee wail from Ringo followed by a 3-minute atonal guitar riff that shrieks into oblivion will fall under the category of "generic" for a lot of people.

As per usual, I'll give this a first-listen from the actual CD, then a second listen with the lyric booklet in hand.
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justriingo, the demos sound passionate because they are unpolished and raw, which is what a lot of us like in ringo's voice. she hasn't lost it, it is just a matter of studio magic, how to capture the spontaneity and spark in the studio. adding more members to the mix (jihen) just complicates it, but I think the difference between us here at EMF is that some of us appreciate and enjoy what happens when ringo gets mixed together with other performers, and some of us just want solo old school ringo. the problem is that an artist with such an ecclectic and varied catalogue is bound to appease and disappoint any given number of us at any given time because she can't be everything at once. I'm personally just grateful she doesn't turn out the same shit over and over. if she was pumping out albums like SS or KZK year after year I'd get bored.
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