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Default the Fringe thread

I figured Fringe is justified in having its own topic because:

1.) I wouldn't have tried the show out, without recommendations from other members of this community. It's not that I need such recommendations to try anything out at all, but that this show was very much off my radar. Hopefully this topic's existence will call a lot more attention to the show.

2.) The show has a very involved plot, which the existing fans can discuss without spoiling the show for those who haven't seen it yet. It's very similar to the primary justification of having a Lost thread.

3.) The third season of Fringe, is so far one of the best seasons we've seen of any show, ever. (am I right?)

4.) Dr. Walter Bishop is arguably the best character of any current television show, and by extension that makes John Noble a substantial candidate for best actor in one category or another. It's a great injustice that he hasn't at least been nominated for his performance in Fringe.

On with the reactions and the theories!
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