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Default L7, Cat Power, Liz Phair, three concerts I attended this year

All three are great.

L7: I saw them back in July, good energy, hard rocking, loads of classic songs. Maybe they're in this for the money, considering they haven't made an album in years. Still they put on an amazing show. Jennifer Finch, the bassist turned out to be a lot shorter than I expected. I was standing in the second row, because I skipped the opening act.

Cat Power: I saw her on Tuesday, she's supporting her new album The Wanderer. She's my favourite among the three. First I find her very attractive and classy for a 46 year old woman. She wore a beautiful black dress, and I could see that her tits were huge under that dress. Her voice is in top form, even more amazing than how she sounds on her albums. The music is haunting and atmospheric. The band consists of a guitarist, a keyboardist and a drummer. I was standing in the front row, but the stupid theatre put bars between people and the band that prevented all close contact.

Liz Phair: I saw her yesterday (Wednesday). Very good concert. She's a petite blonde lady in her early 50's. Well-dressed, still got that pop star look, but the body is a bit flabby. I really liked her song "Supernova" when I was a teenager, but never got into her other stuff. I'm not familiar with the setlist, but I guess it's a mixture of old classics and new songs, as many people sang along. Her band is mainly young guys, and she kept changing her guitar after each song, dunno why. I was standing in the front row, and got a high five in the end.
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