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Haha, awesome! I can totally see him doing that. On the extra for the 4th season DVD a Catherine Tate, David Tennant and Billie Piper were in a car with a video camera waiting for the shoot and talking about how John Barrowman was telling the fans that were lined up that "Doctor Who Poos." Then he flung himself into the car, startled everyone and was all like "Did I make you poo?!" It was pretty much the best behind the scenes footage I've ever seen.

I watched this one documentary on the BBC where he went around trying tests to see if there was a gay gene. (and he failed all of the hypothesized results of the tests, which was sad in a way. ) But he went back home and he brought out his old Sonny and Cher dolls. Heehee. And I love the way he speaks dual dialects. Whenever he speaks with his parents he goes into his Scottish accent, but otherwise, even in Britain he's American. It's just sooo cool. Though I watched one interview where he slipped up and started with Scottish. ^^

Oh, and THIS is just insane. (Janice Dickinson was on right before them and did crazy things so you might want to watch that to get the references they make.) But he just flops around everywhere when he laughs. It's hilarious <3
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