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Originally Posted by Scribble R View Post
Yeah, you can't really believe the opinions of spurned fans and tabloids, so I can't really disagree with that...

She DID roll her eyes at her co-star though! =P =P
haha, that interview was kinda of hilarious (I'm assuming you mean the Gossip Girl/Traveling Pants 2 Interview). She was kinda roped into Traveling Pants 2 by contract so I doubt she really wanted to do all those press junkets, and by then her costar was on Gossip Girl and like, totally, always like, talked, like you know, I don't blame her for doing the exact same thing most of us were thinking in that situation, hahaha. America definitely falls into the category of intelligent, confident, and successful women, which means that by some, she is targeted as a "bitch." Gossip Girl man, what a bunch of bs.
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