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Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad View Post
As if suddenly hoards of people who have no clue who Shiina is are suddenly gonna flock in here anyway.
I like to assume the worst.

Pretend there is no Shiina Ringo community. Pretend you are searching for one, and you find a MO'SOME TONEBENDER-centric community that has Shiina Ringo subforums off on the side. Although they had a collaboration, you've never actually heard MO'SOME TONEBENDER yet, because there never was a place to meet other Shiina Ringo fans who might hook you up through IM, PM, or whatever.

So you want to start posting about Shiina Ringo because there's no other remotely specialized place on the web to go, and you see posts from at least a dozen MO'SOME TONEBENDER fans who are obviously familiar with Shiina Ringo, and possibly even more posts from people who may be acting like it's an SR community (depending upon whether or not the immigrant SR fans are producing the majority of posts in that subforum). If you are able to start chipping straight in, how long is it going to take your adult brain to put up filters toward the things you see everyday and consider irrelevant? How long is it going to take you to forget that it's actually a MO'SOME TONEBENDER community? As we get older, we see hardly anything beyond what we want to see.

So you along with many other Shiina Ringo fans, are eventually participating in Off-Topic discussion within the MO'SOME TONEBENDER community. You think it's going to be the same atmosphere as an off-topic board of only MO'SOME TONEBENDER fans, or only Shiina Ringo fans?

What we the EMF veterans want, is to preserve our atmosphere. We want to compromise it as very little as we have to.
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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