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im in love with this concert, few things in this world felt better than the music and the performance in Dynamite Out. seems like shiina and the band struck every note percfectly, and the energy and emotion is through ceiling of the sky, i can not describe the high this takes me, i thank god how lucky i am to discover this, it was only three months ago, this concert was my introduction to Shiina and Tokyo Jihen, as a music head, i live for this, i remember the first couple weeks i felt so anxious to to leave work so i can come home to hear and see this dvd, like waiting to come home to a new girl friend who is making me dinner for the first time, i will never forget that feeling, i rather not do anything else. people try to invite me out and i would decline.. seriously
I been on a Shiina ringo binge for the past three months, i read almost every thread here, i read her wiki, seen most of the youtube vids, zazen, electric mole, jchi, the behind the scenes stuff, i can't get enough
but nothing can compare to Dynamite Out, i love her voice the best here, the guitar playing the best here, the performance, the crowd (apprecaition to the girl in the pink shirt at the front row next to the aisle for rocking the fuck out) the pianica, the piano, the flower hzm brought out of no where during sounan performance, shiina and hirama guitar ending to sounan, the extradinary build up in Ekimae (greatest build up i have ever heard) the baby voice in Koko de Kiss Shite, the fist slam on the piano during service, Shiina's eyes trying to pop out during the Tsuki Performance, the first time i heard the rolling R's, how shes stopped her "no" short in Bokoku Jojo and then smile to the crowd, the rolling snares in Bokoku Jojo, the Mora Sadistic slide she does, 35:24 - 36:12 feels like im melting away to heaven - the music during kuramaya san, the face she made at the end of her vocal runs at the end Yume like she just revenged the death of a love one with a sword to the killer's heart in an old chinese kung fu drama, HZM zoning playing with his eyes closed out during Tsuki during the last chorus part of Tsuki, the whole band making faces during Koko Kiss like they wanted to feel like the lyrics Shiina is singing are the words she is singing to them (well i feel that way at least)
HZM playing piano while standing the the stool looking like he is about to bust his ass lol...... the vocal runs at the end of superstar... lord have mercy.... all of Hirama's guitar solo were powerfull as fuck..... especially
the second song, Jusai, the only complaint i have is hirama's singing,
but i always skip it, i like how this concert has all types of style, they rocked the fuck out during sigma/crawl,
and she looks so beautifull here, i wanna kiss her on her neck
the silver eye shadow, the silver earings, the long black boots
she did not look as good anywhere else, she looks a little bit like was her name from crouching tiger, house of flying daggers,
i have much to say but im tired and heading to bed
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