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Hi everyone. Hikaru Utada's collaboration with Sheena Ringo (Not too familiar with the Shiina spelling) was my definite introduction to her. Legally, I became a fan of Ringo's before 2019, indulging myself in all of her solo work.

Only recently have I been appreciating Tokyo Jihen. My bold claim is that their live version of The Creamy Season is superior to all renditions.
Currently I look at all her albums / pseudo albums with an equal amount of admiration.

Naiveté is a recurring theme when it comes to my life. Eventually enough clues on here will start to show that I'm pretty inexperienced. My very young age would give it away, otherwise.

Joining a forum, for fans of Sheena, no less, will be a nice change from the unpleasant stan culture and app communities of the present I am accustomed to.

Also, I think I'm doing myself a great service by having registered on a date symbolic of Ichijiku No Hana's approximate length.
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