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PayPal takes credit cards. They don't know or care how old you are, but you have to verify your card with them first. They'll do a couple of random tiny charges, then after you've checked your bank/credit statements and told PayPal the amounts, your card is verified.

PayPal will charge the recipient 3%, not you. MasterCard or Paypal may charge you for currency exchange, but that's only around 1%. This community doesn't directly accept credit cards, because that's a little too enterprising. You have to be some kind of a business to set that up, and similar to PayPal, the business has to pay small fees on each transaction anyway.

I suppose with the American dollar being so weak these days, now is a very good time for Europeans to donate. I expect it to rebound when we have a different President, not because much of the problem was Bush's fault or because the new President themselves would necessarily 'fix' anything, but mainly because world markets are so damn speculative like that.
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