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Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad View Post
You guys REALIZE that shits probly been there since day 1, just no one knew cuz it was in japanese. No one got sued in all these years exactly...
Yeah, I was gonna say. These rules have likely been on the site for a while and nobody has been threatened or anything of the sort. They probably just exist in case somebody does abuse them so that they have all angles covered. There's just no way they could enforce these rules on such a scale and as has been proven over years of fan sites and forums, they haven't been enforced at all and the fact that they've been translated is no indication that they have plans to do so any time soon.

I wouldn't take action over the rules unless I received a complaint from her management. Worst comes to worst you get an email saying "Please take down ______" but as I said, the likelihood of even a warning is minimal at best.
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