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Originally Posted by Captain_Harlock View Post
Oh the old forums~

Tell me you miss me too Glath! :'(
I mentally categorize you with CatchFiveBats because you each were very late but very active with Ringo Jihen up until it closed, then you joined Electric Mole and shortly thereafter weren't active anymore. I've missed your old H ZETT M avatar. digdad (who wasn't around for Ringo Jihen) is the only person to ever use a Kameda avatar that I thought was great.

Nobody remotely active even has H ZETT M (or even just plain 'ol HZM) avatars anymore, and the one member who had an Izawa avatar has moved on to Adult CD booklet version of Shiina Ringo. If anyone has ever used a Hata avatar, I haven't seen it. evilboxevil is the only person to ever feature Hirama himself (not just his logo) on their avatar. That just leaves Kameda (used by various people at various times - but never various people all-at-once) and Ukigumo. I don't understand where the popularity of Ukigumo avatars comes from. We need to show more love for the other band members.
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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