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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Old 2013.07.24, 04:38 PM   #101
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Ichijuku is one of her songs that is deceptively simple. It's one of those songs that seems pleasant and light with a touch of gravitas, but something about it digs in the memory.

I can pretty much recall the whole thing in my head, its movements and shifts, as if it was playing live. Memai is the same way, and Sweet Spot, and Ariamaru Tomi.

In a way, I like thinking about those songs more than her blowout rock tunes. They sit in the memory better, and it's just nice to think about them.
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Old 2013.07.25, 11:29 AM   #102
The Most Curious Thing
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90% of the time (not here, but in general, but a little bit ITT too) when people say "underrated" they really mean "overlooked." If people used underrated properly it would be as contentious a topic as things that are overrated.

Like...I would say that Killer Tune is underrated.
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Old 2013.07.25, 02:10 PM   #103
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Originally Posted by TurtleFu View Post
Ichijuku no Hana has acoustic guitars layered like crazy though. But otherwise it's a pretty simple and repetitive melody.
I don't know if I'll make myself clear, but I'll try: I think the melody needs to be that way, there is a contrast between the mood of the verses and the chorus, but the way I experience this song is like a countdown to the twist that happens during the last part (at 3:57), that instead of concluding with what was being told, it turns around to a whole different thing, and only then it comes back to the main melody as a conclusion. This is what turns this great song into something else.

From the very beginning I'm filled with the desire of reaching said twist, it's so ironic and absorbent.
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Old 2013.07.25, 03:25 PM   #104
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When I first listened to Ichijuku no Hana, and I saw the liner credits soley towards Uki, I assumed that there was no layering.
But then I realized even the most talented finger-style guitarist could never, ever play that song alone.
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Old 2013.07.26, 07:21 AM   #105
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justriiingo can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they arejustriiingo can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

Shiina Ringo, Suberidai. I think it's on Gekokujyo XTC? SR jamming on a toy piano on a tour bus. Very lovely and very underrated.

I can't find the video on youtube
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Old 2013.07.26, 01:57 PM   #106
Scribble R
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Scribble R can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they areScribble R can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

Phase 1's Meet the World Beat 'Tsumiki Asobi in the USA.' The arrangement (HZM's idea?) has to be one of the scariest things I've heard in my life. It's total nightmare fuel. I wasn't even scared of clowns/jack-in-the-boxes until I listened to this.

And if I haven't already mentioned this, then 'Gong' is one of my favourite Uki songs that Jihen has performed.
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Old 2013.07.26, 04:37 PM   #107
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deadgrandma knows what you did last summerdeadgrandma knows what you did last summer

Truly underrated/barely mentioned: Kageriyuku Heya
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Old 2013.07.26, 05:35 PM   #108
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this version of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVGXPcD8cMc
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Old 2013.07.27, 04:39 PM   #109
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad View Post
Because the overrated thread is just everybody listing off my favorite things one by one.

Ariamaru Tomi: the latest great "post-mortem" classic by Shiina Ringo that she wrote, recorded, and published. I think Nimh was pretty accurate when he called Sanmon Gossip Shiina covering other people's music. If that's true, Ariamaru Tomi is Shiina covering herself to great results. The A-side is brilliant, great hook and build. And acoustic guitar, yes please! It evokes a more refined and mature Muzai Moratorium feel Superficial Gossip i was never quite as high on as others, but now that the dust has settled, it's quite a good song. Its a literal flip side, a more "fun and accessible" song using KZK's building blocks. Where Ariamaru was graceful and sleek, Superficial Gossip is ornate and busy. Perhaps the reason we all overlook this single today is because of it's pleasing, Shiina Ringo-Classic sound. There's nothing to bitch about like there is on the releases that surrounded it. No questionable decisions, no element shoehorned in to be derided or praised for the effort. Just good music that we had come to expect. Though only two songs, it was always Sanmon Gossip's better half.
Well said. Ariamaru Tomi is one of my favorite modern Ringo songs too. And also agreed with you and deadgrandma about Ichijiku no Hana. I think it's critically underrated. It's among her best as well. It's very beautiful. And I don't like to throw that word around often.
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Old 2013.07.27, 05:23 PM   #110
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Utaite Myouri is underrated. I feel that most errybody recognizes it as "good", but nobody ever really talks about how truly excellent it is.

I definitely agree with the sentiment about Ariamaru Tomi. I wouldn't say it's the better half of SG, but it should absolutely be mentioned in the same breath.
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