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Old 2009.10.13, 02:54 AM   #1
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Default fansubbed concert videos

do these exist? for the likes of, say, dynamite in type videos or tv specials?

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The only fansubbing I've seen in connection with Shiina Ringo, is Spanish for some of the PVs, and English as a parody for a small part of Dynamite Out (the moment where Kameda speaks). Then someone may have taken EmilScherbe's translation for one scene of Ringo EXPO 08, and made a brief fansub out of that. I don't think there's anything else. I don't think anyone has been doing sincere English translations for any predetermined intent of making fansubs.

The thought has crossed my mind a few times each year, that EMF members should work together on fansubbing the not-entirely-musical-in-nature videos, but I don't want it badly enough to nag anyone about it yet, and I don't think anyone with translation skills wants it badly enough to bother with it even if I really were nagging them, plus...

I don't think anyone around here with translation skills, has any experience applying that within a fansubbing context - where you have to worry about things like timing.

So yeah, it would be great if there were more fansubs for Shiina Ringo, but nobody is both skilled enough and motivated enough to make it happen - except the dattebayo crew, and only if you pay them.
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If you want this stuff because you're interested in what Shiina has to say about (her) music, then the closest thing is this thread:

There you'll find D.K.Liu's translations of Heisei Fusoku and Variety era interviews. I'm guessing you know this, though.

EmilScherbe also loosely translated bits and pieces of Shiina's conversation with Mummy D from that recent Sanmon Gossip special. I'm dying to watch that one because SR talks about the entire album and has an amusing conversation with (who I'm guessing is) Ikeda -- the Roudousha/Super Butter Dog guy. I want to know what the fsk DYONNE is.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's far more interesting than your average episode of Naruto!
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Originally Posted by Scribble R View Post
Whatever it is, I'm sure it's far more interesting than your average episode of Naruto!
Oh hell yeah. It's a shame Ringo doesn't have a dedicated fansub group like anime does. I would love to know what she's saying during the backstage footage because it seems like she's always really enjoying herself. That's the chance to really see how the band functions as a unit during the rehearsal process.

I've often considered trying to convince my sister to translate Electric Mole or Dynamite Out for me but it's not exactly as simple as translating a chapter of a manga.
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Yeah, the difficulty of translating spoken speech as opposed to written out words is exactly why no one volunteers to do this, haha.
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another reason why fansubbing isn't so popular is that it is basically illegal, for you have to copy the material you want to add the subtitles to and then host it. videos are pretty much constantly taken off hosting sites daily by the big labels and no one wants to put that much time and effort into something that will just be removed over and over. with lyrics and interviews, they are being published and while reproducing them maybe illegal in some circumstances, it isn't as heavily patrolled as videos.

japanese also happens to be a difficult language to transcribe from ear. that is why you often see news broadcasts and variety shows partially subtitled with the important pieces of dialogue subtitled for ease of watching or comedic effect.
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