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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Old 2013.05.27, 11:00 AM   #141
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My. My. Such juicy sanmon gossip.

I think we all know that Ringo was a little weird during the early stages of her career. This is the same woman that committed "career suicide" by ending her solo career after KSK and removing her trademark mole to drive the point home further. She planned everything to a tee. I mean, just look at her early obsession with symmetry. It's no surprise that she planned her future marriage and pregnancy this way too. She probably thought it was pretty rock-n-roll. I laughed at the "reason" she chose him too. Freckle, you should know that one of the best indicators of how good a father a man will be is how easily he can get around a fretboard. I thought this was just common knowledge.
To not know is a form of knowing.
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I think the even funnier joke is that her husband wasn't even that great of a guitarist.
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Actually guitar is an obscure reference to his genitalia. "Guitar skills".
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Old 2013.05.28, 02:20 PM   #144
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Originally Posted by Osiris12345 View Post
She probably thought it was pretty rock-n-roll.
That's what I think! She seemed taken with the whole rock n' roll and rock bad boy thing. I mean how else would you explain her embarrassing fixation on a rock cliche like Sid Vicious. Seems to me she wasn't really mature enough to have a baby but it's old history now...
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Old 2013.05.29, 04:31 AM   #145
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frecklegirl knows what you did last summerfrecklegirl knows what you did last summer

well if she wasn't, having the baby matured her REAL fast... too fast maybe...
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All men look cool with a guitar in their hands. Just like all guys look manly in a SWAT outfit. No training required.
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