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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Old 2008.02.22, 04:19 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by ShinjiPG View Post
The fact that she manages to chart high in Oricon just supports her popularity/main-streamness.
Indie or "music-for-music's-sake" artists don't rank in Oricon. Even if she can boss around as much as she wants, all I'm saying is that it's NOT like she's some kind of artist whose work is great but probably feels frustrated for not having enough people listen to her works (aka underrated).
The OP's point was that Ringo should think about ways to boost up her career/image/popularity/etc, and I say that she already has plenty of that. The Oricon stuff is just one more thing to prove that.
oricon.. mwehh

she should conquer the world..
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Old 2008.02.23, 03:42 PM   #22
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frecklegirl knows what you did last summerfrecklegirl knows what you did last summer

I'm mostly just pointing out that the posters on this board are aware that she charts high on Oricon and thus how popular/"mainstream," or at least I think so, and this sort of "YOU GUYS don't seem to be aware of this, but..." quasi-condescending attitude is lame.
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Old 2008.02.23, 04:21 PM   #23
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Akagaminosteven is headed in the right direction

Yeah, seriously. I was just pointing out that since she's on Oricon and whatnot that I considered her mainstream. There wasn't anything personal in it.
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Old 2008.02.28, 12:36 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by justriiingo View Post
Variety had the best quality SR voice but also the worst quality music.
Totally unfair trade-off.
So I guess it did not go unnoticed that she really did what she said and focused more on her vocals.
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Old 2008.02.28, 03:07 PM   #25
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imkookoo is headed in the right direction

I'd rather see the real artist perform the song rather than the vocalist. But even with that aside, SR's voice gives her songs an added layer; like emotions. With most singers, they sing sad songs or happy songs in the same manner. The only thing that makes the song sad is the background music.

With SR though, you hear the anger, sadness, fear, etc in her voice.

I don't really care about her getting more sales; as long as she has enough of a following so that she can continue her career, I'm happy. I would like her to be able to reach more people though. In Japan, I think she's fine, so she shouldn't change for that. But I would like her to take the backseat as a songwriter/producer for a US performer, so that her musical influence can spread beyond Japan. I think she would be able to make it; she just has to submit any of her KZK/SS songs as her demo.
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