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Old 2011.02.13, 08:08 PM   #1
apple pie
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Default 2011 Grammy Awards

I'm sure that most people on this forum couldn't give 2 shits about what's goin on in America, but whatever, it's arguably the biggest music event all year, so let's have a thread about it.

RESULTS: (via http://ranchobernardo.patch.com/)

Album of the Year
  • Arcade Fire — The Suburbs
Best New Artist
  • Esperanza Spalding
(um, if y'all don't know who this is, you should. She's a jazz artist and very much deerved this award. STFU KANYE....)

Record of the Year
  • Lady Antebellum — "Need You Now"
(ugh, ok, Country Album, I can see, but Album AND Song of the year? wtf...)
Song of the Year
  • Lady Antebellum — "Need You Now"
Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Lady Gaga —The Fame Monster
(deserved this, imho.....)

Best Rock Album
  • Muse — The Resistance
Best R&B Album
  • John Legend & The Roots — Wake Up!
Best Rap Album
  • Eminem — Recovery
Best Country Album
  • Lady Antebellum — Need You Now
Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album
  • Israel Houghton — Love God. Love People.
Best Spoken Word Album for Children
  • Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton — Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs, And Lullabies
Best Spoken Word Album
  • Jon Stewart — The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Audiobook)
The performances were terrific this year, but I'm not too terribly pleased with the results... but then again, I've never been pleased with the results.

Oh well.

Music is awesome.
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Old 2011.02.13, 08:40 PM   #2
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First of all, congratulations to Esperanza. She truly deserves it even thought she's only new to "pop" culture. Stupid Grammy's.
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Old 2011.02.13, 09:00 PM   #3
Tokyo Jihad
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Pretty cool about Arcade Fire!
"Jihad is the soul of EMF"--Lena
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Old 2011.02.16, 03:27 PM   #4
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So disappointed that Janelle didn't win Contemporary R&B. Who the fuck thought that Raymond v. Raymond was better than The ArchAndroid? Anyone who voted for Usher over Janelle needs to be dragged out into the street and shot.

As for performances, I thought they were all great. The Aretha tribute was amazing (GO FLORENCE), Eminem/Dre/Rihanna/Skylar were really great, as were Mick Jagger, Barbra, and Katy. I thought it was a nice show. Plus, that impromptu performance of Jolene was heavenly.
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Old 2011.02.18, 05:22 PM   #5
Superficial Fan
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I haven't paid that much attention to the Grammys, but I'm happy Spalding one. It's not even that I love her music, but she is clearly very talented, and I have to admit I like her. She comes across as immensely appealing in interviews. (As far as the music goes, I'm just not that into most jazz to begin with.)

I would have liked Janelle Monae to win, as well.

Spanish Harlem Orchestra are boring, but it's not like I can endorse an alternate album for salsa or tropical music album, from the time period covered, so whatever. I guess I'd rather see it go to El Gran Combo, but their last album wasn't one of their best (or even one of their best from the last decade or so). I am kind of happy to see Grupo Fantasma win, but I thought Sonidos Gold was better than this more recent album.

And I don't like Arcade Fire, but I'm no friend of indie rock.
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Old 2011.02.20, 02:28 AM   #6
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I was really surprised hearing Muse were honored for their latest album.

Even if some of their prior releases would've deserved it more, I'm still glad that critics outside of Europe finally started acknowledging that band's qualities - I hope I was wrong when I once said, Muse had passed their zenith long ago.
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Old 2011.03.25, 06:49 AM   #7
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I regard the grammys like The Simpsons regards them: Ewww a grammy!
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Old 2012.01.08, 09:46 AM   #8
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I'm not gonna make a new thread for 2012 Grammys, but I just have to say:
I like Adele, I feel like it's one of those rare times when pop music, mainstream music, and artistic music converge. Though I find it interesting how she's nominated for the pop awards because I personally find her music to have more in common with soul/blues/r&b than what passes as "pop" nowadays.
Lady Gaga will probably be a big winner, even though I only like You and I from the new album. Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Pink don't deserve ANY Grammys. And why is Kanye so conspicuously absent?
And dear god, FOSTER THE PEOPLE. If they win ANYTHING, the Grammys are officially dead to me. They were before, but after the Pre-Telecast Blues Performance and Esperanza Spalding and Arcade Fire, I hoped they would continue to actually care about artistic music. Foster The People are the most bullshit band ever.
Robyn! I'm not sure if she deserves to win best Dance, because I haven't heard the others, but at least she's nominated.
For Hip-Hop, it's kind of depressing that Nicki Minaj got anything. Her album sucked, and Lasers (Lupe Fiasco) was equally terrible. I hope Kanye wins every award.
But of course, the best part of the Grammys are the performances (tho last year the pre-telecast were 1000% better than the telecast, That Esperanza Spalding and Bobby McFerrin performance was fantastic, and Mavis Staples + Buddy Guy knocked it out of the park)

EDIT: I like how R&B this year focused more on soul/traditional R&B acts rather than the R.Kelly/User contemporary R&B. I can't really speak for blues or jazz because I don't really follow modern jazz, but I'm excited to look at these albums.

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Old 2012.01.08, 02:53 PM   #9
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I like how last year an unknown jazz singer stole an award from Justin Bieber.
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Old 2012.01.11, 12:54 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by apple pie View Post
I'm sure that most people on this forum couldn't give 2 shits about what's goin on in America, but whatever
Haha, okay, what is with THIS little dis here?? On the whole this is not a weeaboo haven. Most members have very diverse interests and count many western artists among their favorites. I feel like that's pretty obvious if you just take a look around our off-topic areas!!
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