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Old 2012.08.09, 07:05 PM   #61
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Entry№1 puts considerable thought into their posts

I've not seen all of it mind you, but most of it, and here is my reaction: I'm okay with the pink afro, and I admittedly love Ringo's opening headdress. The styling was too similar to Discovery, I feel though. I thought some parts of it were really good, like the disco reworking of Zettai Zetsumei and Oishii Kisetsu (which I have been dying to hear live). The opening with Ikiru was amazing, maybe on par with the almost-legendary Ultra C performance, but I think it immediately lost steam when the rest of Tokyo Jihen joined in. Come to think of it, that song would have done really well with a complete Saito Neko/Heisei Fuuzoku adaptation.
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Old 2012.08.12, 08:21 PM   #62
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Okay I finally got around to watching the 2nd half of the concert (beginning with Onna no ko...), after sufficient recovery time from the blizzard of glitter that was the first half.

Maybe I need to watch the other concerts to give an accurate comparison, but I think this one has by far the most camera angles, flash cuts, and general visual disorientation than any of the others. Overhead cam...Kameda foot cam...Ringo shoulder-strap cam (which admittedly got a stunning shot during Tengoku e Yokoso)...The worst is when the female dancers started criss-crossing in front of Ringo who until this concert has never shared the stage like this-----your mind has to adjust constantly to WTF you're looking at to the point where you can't even hear the music.

I need to rip this to CD and judge.

The 2nd half calmed down a bit visually and for a while there I enjoyed it, until the dancers came back out, the streamers started flying, and the elephant somersaulted through the flaming hoop. At the last few bars of Toumei Ningen I half-expected Ringo to dive into the crowd. It would have been the ultimate pandering gesture. I also expected her to cry. She did neither, and for that (and her professionalism, her occasional smile and flash of intensity, and talent that will never die), I accepted this for what it was: afterburn. ("More like afterbirth," mutters half the forum.)

Can't believe I'm saying this, but the closing credits were the highlight. Handsome Sugite underscoring some cool candid shots of the band during production, and even a visual nod to Phase 1. Nowhere near the iconic mashup of Ringo no Uta PV or even the cryptic and maddening door-slam at the end of Electric Mole, but I'll take it.
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Old 2012.08.26, 10:10 PM   #63
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Kuridamo is headed in the right direction

1st time I watched the concert, the impression was:

decadent theater lacking verve.

2nd time:


3rd time:

As always, I like the ballads, especially the one with Ice Cream. Made many screenshots at some point to be found here:http://schlossneukstein.tumblr.com/

Decadent it is, but well orchestrated in every aspect, not only instruments. It's a staged goodbye.
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Old 2012.08.27, 07:26 PM   #64
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I've actually come around to it in a couple of ways.

I can now appreciate a bit of the cheasiness. The last quarter of the concert is still EXTREMELY boring, but I LOVE LOVE the Oishii Kisetsu rendition, and Tengoku e Youkoso version sounds like a James Bond theme, which I imagine is what they were originally going for and so I consider this the "definitive" version.

Zettai Zetsumei is still hilariously cheesy, but listening to it on its own makes me want more electronic style music from Shiina.

New Rating: Not as terrible the second time around?
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Old 2013.06.20, 04:23 AM   #65
Scribble R
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Scribble R can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they areScribble R can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

After watching Bon Voyage last night, Jihen finally 'clicked' for me. I THINK (because I could never know the facts) I understand what she was doing with Phase 2 after Adult, WHY she was doing it, why she's a 'polite old lady' and how that everything she did and is doing is completely necessary.
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Old 2013.06.20, 05:58 AM   #66
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deadgrandma knows what you did last summerdeadgrandma knows what you did last summerdeadgrandma knows what you did last summer

Because she wants to get the most amount of SHOCK VALUE when her next LP drops and turns out to be grindcore?
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Old 2013.06.21, 09:18 PM   #67
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frecklegirl knows what you did last summerfrecklegirl knows what you did last summer

can you explain it to me, because I still don't get it?
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Old 2013.06.22, 04:05 PM   #68
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I believe it was so she could test how well she could convince grown men to dress in ridiculous costumes on stage.
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Old 2013.06.23, 12:26 PM   #69
Scribble R
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Scribble R can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they areScribble R can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

I'll definitely try to explain in the next few weeks
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Old 2013.07.04, 06:06 AM   #70
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I think I must have blacked out the first time I watched this, 'cause I just put it on thinking it was going to be anything but god-awful. As far as I'm concerned, this is hands-down their worst show (though I haven't watched Discovery). Spa & Treatment honestly blows this out of the water.

- The fucking orchestra ruined literally everything they touched, most egregiously Tengoku, Seishun no Matataki and Oiishi Kisetsu, three perfectly excellent songs that would have been stellar performances had Neko not vomited all over them. Hell, Ikiru as well.
- Hamfisted costume changes everywhere. At least JCHI was pretty elegant about it.

Ugh. Hata's song played repeatedly at different tempos for two hours straight would have been preferable. Dude works hard.
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