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  1. How Did We First Discover...?
  2. Ringohan fan-club mailings updates & translations
  3. Ringo Trivia Thread
  4. Meisai PV Analysis/discussion
  5. The meaning of Poltergeist
  6. Design the Shiina Ringo: Best of album
  7. PV-less songs
  8. My favorite rare SR youtube video
  9. Favorite live performance?
  10. Tsumi To Batsu PV
  11. Two FULL clips out for Hatsukoi Shoujo and Oiran
  12. SR lyrics analysis
  13. He who hesitates is lost
  14. Ringo Cultural References
  15. Ringo - Jihen Playlists
  16. Karisome Otome - Where is the "o"?
  17. Ukigumo's Guitar pickup?
  18. Ringo's hair accessories
  19. What's with the guy in the Kurumaya-san vid?
  20. What song would you want SR to do a cover of?
  21. Shiina is not looking like herself here...
  22. Ringo/Jihen Karaoke
  23. Dynamite mc clip.. this can't be real?!
  24. Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen CDs/DVD/Merchandise
  25. Tokyo Jihen - Phase 3
  26. Ringo hid a kid?
  27. Ringo's Lazy Eye
  28. Ringo's Remaining Body Parts
  29. Shéna or Shiina?
  30. Who owns Shiina stuff?
  31. Tokyo Jihen New Single & Fall Tour [2007]
  32. "Fusing" two Ringo / Jihen songs.
  33. Songs You've Changed Your Opinion On
  34. Ringo's love affairs question
  35. Why show the Ring?
  36. Which is your favorite album?
  37. Shiina Ringo: Kabukichou no Joou or International Breakthrough?
  38. Shiina Ringo 1978-2007, you will be missed
  39. KSK vinyl available on eBay
  40. Anyone interested in HF Instrumental?
  41. coolest/best Shiina lyrics -- translated
  42. replacing shiina in tokyo jihen
  43. Sakuran film discussion
  44. Unauthorized Ringo Biography
  45. Shena on american tv...?
  46. Ringo Shiina project I'm trying to start
  48. Shiina-Number Girl- Zazen Boys Connection
  49. SR:TJ Fan instrumentals / covers
  50. The Ringo accessories thread
  51. Shiina Ringo easter eggs
  52. Rakujitsu
  53. more youtube covers
  54. Chinese article on Ringo - someone translate?
  55. what about a SR tribute album?
  56. Tsumiki Asobi
  57. Over/Underrated songs.
  58. A different Shiina Ringo project
  59. Fan videos
  60. Will JASRAC stop deleting SR vids from YouTube?
  61. Sounan (Alternative PVs)
  62. Do you like Heisei Fuzoku?
  63. Is there a DVD from the [DOMESTIC! Virgin LINE] performance?
  64. No one talks about Ringo's new song?
  65. Ringo at Ichiiro Mondow
  66. Shiina Ringo MySpace
  67. Joining the fan club from America?
  68. Tokyo Jihen is cheap?
  69. ZazenBoys w/ shiina Kimochi lyrics
  70. Refrences
  71. Third album: Variety [News]
  72. New works promotion
  73. ?? - Maternity Blues
  74. Wiki Be Hatin'
  75. Non-EMF Members' Opinions
  76. OSCA PV Plagiarism
  77. "killer-tune" for TJ members (youtube links)
  78. Shiina Ringo in Surround????
  79. Rate teh (Jihen) vids!
  80. Shiina Ring-tone
  81. Lucky Star and Ringo? realted
  82. When will it end?
  83. TJ on Music Station (24th Aug.)
  84. Bokura no Ongaku Ringo x Ichiro extra
  85. OMG TJ@ CDTV why we didn't knew it before?! >_<
  86. First week sales of "Killer Tune" predictions
  87. SR's Shiroi Kobato cover weirdness
  88. simpsonized...
  89. Ringo x Hirai Ken
  90. [Electric Hate Forum] The Apple, rotted from stem to core
  92. Where do I start with Shiina Solo Stuff.
  93. TJ will likely appears on Bokura no Ongaku again
  94. Ringo's Son's name
  95. letting HZM go will haunt SR/TJ forever
  96. Rant: Why EMI can't market / Upcoming sales for Variety
  97. New Tokyo Jihen DVD: Senkou Shoujo
  98. MIDI of "Ringo No Uta"
  99. SR/TJ Fan PVs
  100. Imaginary Spa and Treatment Tour Goods (until the real stuff comes out)
  101. Je taime Micky: The Official I miss Hirama thread.
  102. Who is this? Is he for real?
  103. Variety (Goraku) Lyrics -kanji-
  104. Is an album REAL?: The Video Clip Statistics can-of-worms
  105. Official "Spa & Treatment" 2007 Tokyo Jihen Live Tour Thread
  106. Fanmail to SR/TJ
  107. Tokyo Jihen at Yokohama Blitz 18th OCT 2007
  108. What is your Favorite Tokyo Jihen SOLO?
  109. Boarders who don't like "Killer Tune" should be confined to a board jail...
  110. Question on background music of Bokura no Ongaku
  111. Senko Shojo PV - What's its meaning?
  112. will TJ be palying any gigs around Xmas/new years?
  113. Morphine live/video
  114. Shiina's involvement with Kabuki
  115. shiina never uses wireless mic?
  116. About demos....
  117. Shiina, happy birthday!
  118. original mirrorball
  119. so.. anyone know anything about shiina ringo's son
  120. fAct Or fIctiOn: Utada Hikaru Fan also becomes a Shiina Ringo fan.
  121. Friends/Family You've Converted/Gotten Hooked
  122. Kameda best producer 2007
  123. Tokyo Jihen live on Music Station (Nov. 30)
  124. Shiina does not look good if she is a little chubby
  125. shiina's divorce
  126. Senkou Shoujo@MSta's jacket for sale
  127. Make The Worst SR/TJ Mix Ever
  128. Torikoshi Kurou's doppelganger
  129. Domestic
  130. Poem to an Apple
  131. SR a vocal perfectionist?
  132. Shiina awarded by Nihon Academy
  133. yattsuke shigoto PV
  134. Dudes' Voices in Tokyo Jihen Songs
  135. Goethe origins
  136. SR/TJ songs that were "paid homage" to in other songs
  137. Stoicism videoclip (made by me :P)
  138. Help with bootleg identification?
  139. help. im new here.
  140. Lives vs. Albums
  141. It's The Little Things
  142. Superstar
  143. SR/TJ songs being recycled
  144. Marunouchi extra lyrics
  145. best song that was never performed live
  146. The Demos: Which would you make?
  147. Shiina Ringo look alike?
  148. SS Music Video Awards 08
  149. TJ/SR remixes?
  150. songs that never gets old/boring
  151. Misheard Lyrics
  152. Construct a Shiina Ringo album using only your favorite tracks of each number
  153. My fallout with Shopping Mall Japan
  154. We need a time machine...
  155. should shiina take the backseat?
  156. Hopes for album 4
  157. quick question
  158. I think almost every cover SR's done I've liked more than the original
  159. The Lips!
  160. About the pronouns in her Cover Songs...
  161. Sakuran question :)
  162. OMG. Tokyo Jihen world tour announced. Falling off floor right now...
  163. I won't last a day without you (live)
  164. Outside artist help
  165. Your vote for last Ringo classic song(s)?
  166. Shiina's musical inspirations
  167. shiina's english
  168. 2008 Summer Lives
  169. Why does everyone hate Ukigumo so much?
  170. PROJECT EMF: SR's playlist
  171. If phase 3 was all girls...
  172. FPM' "Sound Concierge JAPAN Japanese Lyric Dance"
  173. Do you ever open your closet and..?
  174. Ringo Anniversary Releases
  175. The Three
  176. Spooky!
  177. Ringo10th.com opened
  178. Speculations on the "real" style of shiina (long long read)
  179. Mellow PV
  180. Shiina Junpei & his sister - Where Is The Love
  181. Google Trend data
  182. Cool Ringo cover
  183. Zazen Ecstacy DVD release
  184. EMF Message to Ringo
  185. Anyone else like the wails and shrieks Shiina Ringo does at the end of her songs?
  186. New Jihen Song - Amagasa by Tokio
  187. New Old SONG???
  188. Ringo san and the new band
  189. kimochi (???)
  190. Electric Mole Forums VS Ringohan : The Meta Survey
  191. Did you think that Shiina Ringo's voice was atrocious, at first?
  192. Ukigumo
  193. Anybody have one of these?
  194. What's your Shiina/Jihen Itunes Play count ?
  195. Shiina Ringo. PORNSTAR?! (NSFW)
  196. if im shiina 's husband ,ill be asking for a refund.
  197. Ringo Shiina as never before seen
  198. If shiina was an idol...
  199. So, what is SR/TJ up to now?
  200. MoRA Box Set + Analogs
  201. Shiina talks about ZAZEN BOYS' new album on a magazine
  202. Help - redundant Shouso Strip slipcase for sale?
  203. Song I Dont Know
  204. Two songs that I need to identify.
  205. Shiina Ringo, young plagiarizer extraordinaire!
  206. Ringo 10th Anniversary Shows
  207. What one Shiina/Jihen song would you take to a desert island
  208. Is this the forum for me?
  209. Adult by Tokyo Jihen Phase 1?
  210. 'Song styles' you'd like SR to replicate?
  211. How to do KZK by Tokyo Jihen songs?
  212. TJ Phase 1 was supposed to be the 'ultimate Japanese band?'
  213. So I'm going to do an Informative Speech about Shiina Ringo for my class...
  214. Need to trade a shirt!
  215. Take all SR/TJ albums and decide the best versions of each track
  216. If you are an American (or you're Japanese)...
  217. Ringo Menu
  218. How often do you listen to SR/TJ now?
  219. SR songs that sound like they belong on a different SR album.
  220. Official English cover of Kabukichou no joou just released!
  221. Shiina Ringo + PUFFY collaboration!
  222. So, what is the Japanese SR/TJ community like?
  223. The Main Collecionts of the Society of Citizens gig of Tokyo Jihen
  224. Oricon: SR is the best wearing kimono!
  225. How can Shiina Ringo be 'incapable' of writing another KZK?
  226. KERA & the synthesisers Yattsuke Shigoto cover? Hmm?
  227. So Courtney Love DID try to contact Ringo?
  228. Kyouiku Redux?
  229. Ringo Arcade
  230. (2009.03.25) Maboroshi - Maboroshi no Shi [Album]
  231. Favourite/Least Liked Shiina Ringo/TJ ballad?
  232. Marié Digby covers Gibbs
  233. (2009.05.02) Kame no Ongaeshi
  234. Possible scenarios and predictions for Tokyo Jihen 2009?
  235. Shiina Ringo via Tokyo Jihen, or Tokyo Jihen via Shiina Ringo?
  236. Would You Miss the Band?
  237. Godai Natsuko post-2000 covers
  238. Custom mixes/playlists?
  239. Ringo BoOK
  240. The 'Bathroom' series is great in all its incarnations!
  241. Sheena Ringo Receives Prestigious MEXT Fine Arts Award
  242. Ringo Magic
  243. The Sonata appreciation thread!
  244. (2009.05.27) Shiina Ringo - Ariamaru Tomi [Single]
  245. song identification help
  246. Male Shiina Ringo
  247. Is Ukigumo out of Tokyo Jihen?
  248. Marunouchi Sadistic Cover
  249. Byoushou Public AMV
  250. (2009.06.24) Tomosaka Rie - Toridori. [Album]