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  1. The burning question
  2. Mole or No Mole?
  3. Should SR sing in English ?
  4. Favourite song off Muzai Moratorium
  5. Onaji yoru - The same night - 同じ夜
  6. Favourite song of Shouso Strip
  7. Favourite song of KSK
  8. Do You Like ADULT?
  9. How many Heisei Fuuzoku releases do you own? (or plan to own)
  10. What's your favorite Tokyo Jihen Single?
  11. What do you think of OSCA (the song)?
  12. Th3 ADULT EDUCATION Thr3@d
  13. The Ukigumo Poll
  14. The VARIETY Poll
  15. What is your Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen fav album??
  16. What is your favorite song on Variety??
  17. Worse Influence
  18. 3 least fav tracks on Variety
  19. 3 most fav Variety tracks
  20. [Poll] Zazen Ecstasy or Electric Mole?
  21. The "Hater's" Poll
  22. [Poll] Opinion of Sanmon Gossip
  23. Best song on Sanmon Gossip
  24. Worst Sanmon Gossip Track!
  25. Will Noudouteki Sanpunkan be...
  26. Sanmon Gossip VS Sports
  27. Sports vs. Daihakken
  28. A (somewhat) random Kameda poll
  29. Koufukuron
  30. Sid to Hakuchuumu
  31. LEAST favourite of the "Big Three"
  32. Favourite PV on CS Channel
  33. VARIETY 2011
  34. What are you most looking forward to?
  35. Favourite Color Bars Song
  36. Vote: EMF's Best Tokyo Jihen Songs!
  37. The Ultimate (EMF) Shiina Ringo Song Ranking
  38. Will she go solo?
  39. Tokyo Jihen's covers
  40. favorite solo Ringo covers
  41. Marunouchi mega poll
  42. Yokushitsu
  43. Who wrote your least favourite/worst Tokyo Jihen song
  44. Is Ichijiku no Hana a rightful part of KSK?
  45. favorite Izawa or Ukigumo album
  46. Do you like Ringo singing with a loudspeaker
  47. Best song SR wrote for Jihen
  48. Mayonaka wa Junketsu vs Mittei Monogatari
  49. Kyouiku vs Adult vs Sanmon Gossip
  50. Your favorite English song from Tokyo Jihen
  51. Yokushitsu vs Doppelgänger
  52. Your favourite Tokyo Jihen release of 2012
  53. Which SR/TJ PV Character Would You Be Most Likely to Have a Beer With?
  54. Hypothetical question
  55. Daft Punk's Get Lucky vs 3min
  56. Post-Mortem Classic
  57. 15th Anniversary CD Poll
  58. Fun (albeit slightly bitter) poll time!
  59. Shiina Ringo vs Your Significant Other
  60. Ariamaru Tomi vs JL005 bin de
  61. Muzai Moratorium vs. ...demos
  62. Reimport vs Sunny...vs Sanmon Gossip
  63. Choose the Shiina Ringo 2015 World Tour Setlist!
  64. Do you want Jihen back
  65. Parody Poll
  66. Where are you at with Shiina Ringo in 2018?
  67. May 27, 2018 Announcement