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Nimh 2014.02.21 09:05 AM

Kameda Seiji's new book
Kameda is coming out with a new book of collected articles next week. It's the second collection that he's put out, called The Reason for Hits.

This may be a more interesting book for our purposes, because it covers his columns from 2003 on, including details of his Tokyo Jihen experience.

Here's an article about it:

And a link to the book on Amazon:

kalmia 2014.05.22 02:03 AM

Has anyone had the opportunity to check out this book yet?

TurtleFu 2014.05.22 08:32 PM

that reminds me, are there any good Ringo-related books I,might be able to track down at book-of? They actually don't need to be specifically Ringo related, I'm also looking for books in general about Japanese music (esp rock and jazz)
I'll try and find this and buy it if I can get if for cheap. My reading skills suck though but it'll be good practice.

deadgrandma 2014.05.22 08:42 PM

It would be good if you could find a Ringo Book while you were over there, that thing is pretty essential IMO. Or at least a Channel Guide.

TurtleFu 2014.05.22 10:14 PM

1. What is Ringo book
2. Does channel guide have text?

deadgrandma 2014.05.22 10:19 PM

1.Ringo Book is the official 10th anniversary compendium. Has lots of neat little pull outs and stuff. Has same cover as RingoEXPO but in Pink. Any Ringo fans go-to table book. It's pretty big/a little on the heavy side but it's gorgeous and plain satisfying to gloss through.

2. Yes, Channel Guide has text. It's quite a nice book, and the iTunes version really does it no justice to holding it in your hands.

Nimh 2014.05.22 10:21 PM

With your Tokyo address you can go wild with Amazon Japan, which has great delivery service. Book Offs are wonderful if you have oodles of time to browse. Do not skip the magazine sections, where you'd probably find lots of Ringo stuff for 100 yen.

The most sophisticated book on Ringo is probably Casio Abe's Shiina Ringo vs. J-POP. Abe is a cultural theorist, so it'd be pretty heavy going, language-wise.


For a fan-oriented work, can't go wrong with Apple Complex.


Unfortunately there isn't much of substance about her Jihen, post-Jihen stuff, apart from magazine articles.

Nimh 2014.05.22 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by deadgrandma (Post 90607)
1.Ringo Book is the official 10th anniversary compendium.

Good luck finding one. (And let me know if you find two!)

TurtleFu 2014.05.22 11:33 PM

thanks guys! Ringo book doesn't seem likely, I'll try and get channel guide if its not too expensive. As for magazines, anyone have a good list of ringi-related magazine (such as issues where she has been featured or on the cover)?

Nimh 2014.05.23 07:24 AM

Here's a general book search for Ringo. Includes lots of magazines.


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